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Zombie Crisis Returns


Nov 08, 2016 (UTC)

The fearsome pathogenic, the 'Zombie Virus' is running rampant in Arad once again!
Adventurers! Make your way to the 'Contagious Area' and defeat the zombies!
You must be careful though. The zombies are very dangerous and not to be underestimated.


Period: Nov 8 ~ Dec 6, 2016 (UTC) until maintenance


Zombie Dungeon in the Contagious Area

Up to 6 players can enter at once.
■ Some of the players will become infected and turned into zombies.
■ Zombies can attack humans and turn them into zombies.
■ Humans must fight and survive against the zombies for the given time limit.

How to enter the dungeon

Go to the Event Channel via Andrea in Seria’s Room.

Click the [Enter] button via Andrea of Contagious Zone.

Once 5 - 6 people have queued up, countdown will begin.

Zombie Selection

■ When you enter the dungeon, players are randomly located across the map.
■ 2 players will be randomly selected as zombies and the rest will be humans.

Infect the Humans with Zombie Virus!

Zombies will win if they successfully infect all Humans and turn them into Zombies.

Exterminate the Zombies!

Run away from Zombies or exterminate them!  Humans will win if all zombies die or if they survive for the time limit. 


 ■ If you understand each character’s traits and abilities, it will give you an upper hand in battle!

 Host Zombie
The very first infected zombie.
It has "Zombie Only" skill as well as its own unique skill (Imprison)

Infected Zombie
Zombie infected by the Host Zombie.
It has the basic stats of a Zombie and can use Zombie Only skills. 

Uninfected human who fights against the zombie.
Humans have reduced sight inside Zombie dungeons. Can use the Cure Bleeding Vaccine and Adrenaline dropped in dungeons.

Zombie's Physical Ability

Zombies have higher VIT/DEF/Hit Recovery compared to Humans. 
Have faster movement speed and faster recovery after being knocked down. 
HP recovers when not moving.


Zombie Skill

 Zombies can use their own 'Zombie Only' skills.
Host Zombie has a special skill.

Basic Attack: Rake

Fatal Attack


Leap Attack


Causes Humans to Bleed Super Armor on use. Causes instant death. Super Armor for a set duration. Also, your size increases, giving you increased Movement Speed and Evasion Rate. Leap and land at a location, knocking up nearby Humans into the air. (Host Zombie Only)
Restricts all entrances of certain rooms. Can only enter from another room.


A special item for humans  that appears during combat

During combat, helpful items will appear for humans.
When the item appears, its location will be shown on the minimap.
Only the human who acquired these items can use it and the effects are only applied to that human.



■ Spawns periodically in the middle of the map
■ Cures Bleeding
■ Spawns 3 minutes after the game starts.
■ Increases Human’s abilities
(Effect lasts for a set duration)
 Increases Hit Recovery / Increases Movement Speed
Increases STR/INT / HP Recovery /Removes Blind



The game ends when Zombie or Humans win or the time limit expires.
Rankings are decided on the total amount of points which is based on your contribution in the dungeon.
Various rewards can be purchased with Virus Sample () via NPC Andrea’s Shop.

Name Description Price Purchase Limit
Head of Zombie Box Head of Zombie (untradable, unlimited)
Necklace. 17 level requirement.
300 2
Zombie Chaser Box ZOMBIE CHASER (untradable, unlimited)
■ STR, VIT, INT, SPI +25
■ Physical, Magical Critical +3%
■ +1 to all Lv. 40 skills
200 1
Zombie Costume A , B Transforms you into a zombie(Host Zombie or Infected Zombie) for 5 minutes in town.
Bonus Reinforcement Success Rate
Allows you to jump
Town Movement Speed +20%
(Can be used unlimited times until DEC 20, 2016)
4 1
Zombie Transformation
Potion A , B
Transforms you into the Zombie for 3 minutes in dungeons.
Allows you to use zombie skills
8 -
Remy's Touch Pouch Contains 10 Remy's Touch. 5 -
Toy of Sparkling
World Pouch
Contains 5 Toy of Sparkling World. 10 -
Life Token Pouch Contains 2 Life Token. 10 -
Stone Pouch
Contains 1 Transcendent Stone. 20 -

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