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Epic Road Requiem


Dec 20, 2016 (UTC)


This Epic Road is unlike any other! It’s larger than life and it’s more EPIC than you can imagine!
Don’t miss this chance to obtain Lv. 85 Epic Weapons and Lv. 80 Epic Armors without Demon Invitations!


Period: Dec 20, 2016 ~ Jan 17, 2017 (UTC) until maintenance


How to participate


Lv. 17+ characters, up to 5x per day

1. Seria's Room
Enter the Valley of Hope via NPC Soryu

2. Valley of Hope
You can enter the 'Forest of the Damned' dungeon in the Valley of Hope.

3. Forest of the Damned
Eliminate the servants of the Otherverse.

4. Rewards
Various Epic weapons/armors and Hell Coins will drop as rewards!

Enter up to 10x during weekends!

While Seria's Welcome is active, you can enter up to 10x during weekdays and 20x during weekends!





  • Eliminate event monsters and get EPIC weapon/armors!
    - Normal Monsters can drop Lv. 60-80 epic armors.
    - Boss monsters can drop Lv. 60-85 epic weapons.

[Obtainable Items]
All epic items can be obtained in the specified level range, including the epic items listed below.

Epic Weapons (Lv. 60~85)
Epic Armors (Lv. 60 ~ 80)















  • Eliminate boss monsters and take the Hell Coins to NPC Kairyu to purchase items!

[Kairyu Shop Item List]

Rewards Price Account
purchase limit
Lv. 70~80 Epic Weapon Box (Account Bound)
Obtain a Lv. 70, 75, 80 EPIC weapon of your choice. (You may only choose once.)
Cannot be disassembled. Equipment destruction from reinforcement/amplify will not yield Demon Eyes.
150 1
Single-Use Reinforcer (Account Bound)
Use it to try reinforcing a weapon. Does not consume clear cube fragments or gold.
15 20
Single-Use Refiner (Account Bound)
Generates 1-100 Powerful Energies or a Single-use Refiner.
15 20
Master Kaleido Box (Account Bound)
Sets the grade of the equipment to Superior and the value to 100%.
50 1
Hell Party Free Pass (Account Bound)
Allows you to enter Hell mode without consuming Demon Invitations.
3 Once per account/day


Please Note:

  • This event is available to Lv. 17+ characters.
  • Entry count for Forest of the Damned resets at 09:00 (UTC) every day.
  • Epic weapons obtained from the monsters cannot be disassembled and does not yield Demon Eyes when destroyed.
  • In Valley of Hope, you can move back to Seria's room through NPC Kairyu. (Does not open world map and cannot teleport)
  • If you move to the Character Selection screen from Valley of Hope then re-login to your character, you will be moved to the Seria's room of your last logged in area.
  • You need at least 3 fatigue points in order to enter the dungeon.
  • If fatigue acceleration is on, it will consume 6 fatigue points. Please check your fatigue acceleration status before entering.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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