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White Christmas


Dec 20, 2016 (UTC)

[Event 1. Decorating Seria’s Room]
Decorate the Seria's Room to get into the spirit of Christmas!

 Collect socks by killing boss monsters in Optimal Level Dungeons.
Buy Ornaments via the Christmas Tree in Underfoot.
Get the ornaments and use it in Seria's Room.


Christmas Tree Shop
Below is the list of items you can purchase from the Christmas Tree shop.
Rewards Description
Baby/Mommy/Daddy Snowman This is the Christmas Decoration in Seria's Room. Right click to decorate.
Gift Box / Horned Holly Tree Ornament
Plan Card / Giant Socks
Christmas Recovery Potion Recovers 30% HP/MP on use.
Christmas Haste Potion Increases Movement/Attack/Cast Speed by 5% for 300 seconds.
Life Token Allows you to resurrect after dying in dungeons.

Decoration Reward
You will receive rewards every time you decorate Seria's room.

Decoration Level Rewards Amount
Level 1 Recovery Potion 5
Level 2   Life Token 5
Level 3   Santa Clobber 5
Level 4 Heartbeat Megaphone 3
Level 5 Bind Cube  1
Level 6 Interdimensional Fragments 50
Level 7 Character Slot Expansion Kit 1


[Event 2. Gifts under the Christmas Tree]
The Christmas Tree is incomplete! NPCs are working hard to decorate the tree.
Please see how the Christmas Tree changes every day!

Also, the Christmas Tree has two other bonuses.
Please refer to the information below for more details.

First Tree Bonus: Daily Gift
Click the Christmas Tree to receive rewards every day!
Every day, you can receive two items from the Christmas Tree. (once per account)

Reward Amount Description
Simona's Letter of Recommendation 1 Resets the daily entry count for Tower of Despair.
Simona's Certificate 1 Clears the current floor in the Tower of Despair.








Second Tree Bonus:  Hanging Up Socks
The socks you obtain from Optimal Level Dungeon monsters can be used to purchase items in the shop
but also, you can hang it up on the Christmas Tree!

Click the tree to press the Hang button.

You will see this window after clicking the button.

Drag the socks to the window and press 'Hang'.

Come back next day(at 9:00 UTC next day) to see what rewards are in your socks!


The socks can contain the following rewards.

Reward Description
Christmas Critical Bead [Physical] Adds 1-5% Physical Critical Chance.(Shoulders)
Christmas Critical Bead [Magical] Adds 1-5% Magical Critical Chance.(Shoulders)
Christmas Damage Bead [Physical] Adds 15-25 Weapon Physical Damage.(Weapon, Top, Bottom)
Christmas Damage Bead [Magical] Adds 15-25 Weapon Magical Damage.(Weapon, Top, Bottom)
Christmas Elemental Bead [All Elements] Adds 3-8 All Elemental Damage.(Bracelet, Necklace, Ring)
Christmas Elemental Bead [Fire] Adds 4-10 Fire Damage.(Bracelet, Necklace, Ring)
Christmas Elemental Bead [Water] Adds 4-10 Water Damage.(Bracelet, Necklace, Ring)
Christmas Elemental Bead [Light] Adds 4-10 Light Damage.(Bracelet, Necklace, Ring)
Christmas Elemental Bead [Shadow] Adds 4-10 Shadow Damage.(Bracelet, Necklace, Ring)

Christmas Beads are tradable. Give it to your loved ones.


[Event 3. Snow White]
The master of Saint Horn, Captain Luther has a good news! Clouds carrying a snowstorm is coming to Arad from afar!
We expect snow in Arad on DEC 24, 25, 31 and JAN 1.

Snow White Buff

Attack/Movement/Cast Speed + 20%
Bonus Hunting EXP + 100%
Bonus Clearance EXP + 100%
All Skill Level +2
Skill Cooldown Reduction -30%
Town Movement Speed +50%
Boss Unique Drop Rate (Huge Increase)
Hell Mode Entry Material Discount 50%



- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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