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Feb 07, 2017 (UTC)

With Valentines Day around the corner, a strange monster who calls himself the Chocolatier has appeared in Seria's Room! This shady looking monster claims to be a master in making chocolates! It's hard to believe but let's give making chocolates a try, shall we?


Getting Cacao Beans
Obtain Cacao Pods from Optimal Level Dungeons. Use it to obtain Cacao Beans.

Opening the Event UI
Once you have obtained Cacao Beans, please come to me! I will process them.

Processing Materials
You just have to insert the Cacao Beans to the slot on the left.



Give Cacao Beans to the Chocolatier and you will receive Cacao Butter and Cacao Powder in 10 minutes!

Name Description
Cacao Butter Used in chocolate recipe.
Cacao Powder Used as a currency for purchasing items from Cholatier's shop.

[Useful Tips!]

* After putting the Cacao Bean in the UI, clear an Optimal Level Dungeon to immediately finish processing 1 Cacao Bean!
* Put the Cacao Beans inside the UI before logging out. Chocolatier keeps working even when you are logged out!



Purchase the Chocolate Recipe and ingredients from the Chocolatier NPC in Seria's Room.

Name Price Limit
Handmade Chocolate Recipe [Gift] Cacao Powder x5 1 per
Handmade Chocolate Recipe Cacao Powder x5 20 per account/day
Cacao Mass Cacao Powder x1 -
Sugar Cacao Powder x1 -
Lecithin Cacao Powder x1 -


Use the chocolate( ) made with the recipe to receive one of the following rewards randomly.

Name Amount
Purification Stone 10
Terranium 2~8
Refined Terranium 1
Powerful Energy 3~10

 * All materials required for the choclate recipe is sold by the Cholatier.*
* Chocolate recipe does not have a purchase limit. The more you play, the more you can earn.


[Chocolatier NPC Shop List]

Collect Cacao Powders and you can exchange it for special rewards!

Name Price Limit
Powerful Energy (20) Cacao Powder x5 1 per account
HP Chocolate Mould Cacao Powder x2 -
MP Chocolate Mould Cacao Powder x2 -
Love(♡) HeartPhone Cacao Powder x1 -
Ancient Dungeon Free Pass Cacao Powder x2 3 per account/day
Refined Terranium Cacao Powder x3 1 per account/day
Kaleido Box Cacao Powder x10 10 per account
Purification Stone x100 Cacao Powder x50 3 per account
Level-up Ticket (1-85) Cacao Powder x100 5 per account


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