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Mar 07, 2017 (UTC)


Create and level up male mages now!
You will receive rewards such as Quest Legendary Equipment, Demon Invitations and many more!


Once a character has been set as a Showtime character,
it cannot be changed or deleted during the event period.
You may create up to 3 Showtime characters per account.

1. Create Characters
Click the 'Create a Character' button and select the character as a 'Showtime' character.

2. Setting the Target Level
When you create a character, the target level will be set automatically.

3. Level-up Gifts
A level-up gift will be given starting from Lv. 10 at 5 level intervals. From Lv. 86 to Lv. 90, a level-up gift will be given at every level up. (86, 87, 88, 89 & 90)


At each level milestone, you will receive [Showtime Badge].
The higher level you reach, the more badge you will get.

   Showtime Badge (Untradable)
Can be exchanged for items at event NPC's shop.
* Badges at each Milestone
Milestone Reward Accumulation Milestone Reward Accumulation
Lv.20 5 5 Lv.70 30 70
Lv.30 5 10 Lv.75 30 100
Lv.40 10 20 Lv.80 40 140
Lv.50 10 30 Lv.85 30 170
Lv.60 10 40 Lv.86 30 200

 * Badge Shop Item List

Item # of Badge Limit Description
Legendary Weapon Box 60 1 Obtain a Quest Legendary Weapon.
Legendary Equipment Box 70 1 Obtain a Quest Legendary Equipment.(Select one from Armor/Accessory/Special Equipment1)
Showtime Sub Equipment Box  10 1 Physical/Magical/Independant Atk. +50
Showtime Magic Stone Box 10 1 All Elemental Damage +10
Ancient Dungeon Material Box 50 1 Obtain 100 Ancient Dungeon Material of your choice.
Life Token 1 - Contains 1 Life Token.


A bonus gift for showtime characters!

Lv. 10-80
Each box you receive from Lv. 10-80 contains a  +1 Level up Ticket!
Lv.10 Lv.15 Lv.20 Lv.25

Fatigue Recovery Potion (50)

Fatigue Recovery Potion (100)

Phoenix Weapon
(Scales up to Lv. 65)
Halidom: Orobas
(Scales up to Lv. 85) Box

Silver Safe
Upgrade Kit
Lv.30 Lv.35 Lv.40 Lv.45

Expansion Ticket

Life Token

Master Contract

Heartbeat Megaphone x10 (Account Bound)
Lv.50 Lv.55 Lv.60 Lv.65

Upgrade Ticket

Life Token

Sub Equipment Quest Clear Ticket

Magic Stone Quest Clear Ticket
Lv.70 Lv.75 Lv.80  

Chronicle Box

Chronicle Box

Chronicle Box


From Lv. 85-90,
you will receive a reward box each time you level up.
Lv.85 Lv.86 Lv.87

Quest Legendary Equipment Box

Feat. Quest Clear Ticket (~Lv.90)

Ancient Dungeon Material Box (150)

x3 Growth Potion (60m)

Ancient Dungeon Material Box (150)

Purification Stone (100)
Lv.88 Lv.89 Lv.90

Ancient Dungeon Material Box (150)

Purification Stone (100)

Ancient Dungeon Material Box (150)

Refined Terranium (20)

Demon Invitation (200)

Refined Terranium (20)


  • Please Note
    - The target level will be set to Lv. 20 initially and once you reach that level, it will be set to higher level automatically.
    - All rewards contained in the Lv. 1-85 boxes are untradeable. (excluding heartbeat megaphones)
    - All rewards contained in the Lv. 86-90 boxes are account bound.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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