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Honey Time - The 2nd Anniversary of DFO


Mar 21, 2017 (UTC)

Many gifts have been prepared to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of DFO!
Enjoy the festivities and get honey time rewards!


Period: MAR 21-APR 25, 2017(UTC) until maintenance


Daily Honey Time Reward


Login Duration Icon Name Description
5m Honey Pot 5 Contains Monster Costume and Growth Potion (2x).
15m Honey Pot 15 Contains 2nd Anniversary Festival Shout and a Fatigue Recovery Potion(50).
30m Honey Pot 30 Contains Seria's Handmade Jam and 10 Mileage Points.
60m Honey Pot 60 Contains 2 Equipment Reinforcers.


Accumulate Time Reward


Login Duration Icon Name Description
50 hours Anniversary Gift I Contains a Character Slot Extension Kit.
100 hours Anniversary Gift II Contains a Safe Upgrade Kit.
Upgrades your safe to the next level.
150 hours Anniversary Gift III Contains Otherverse Energy Purification and Extinguisher scrolls.
200 hours Anniversary Gift IV Contains 22 Kaleido Boxes.


#Please Note: 
 * All rewards will be deleted at 09:00 on APR 25, 2017. (UTC)
 * All rewards are sent to the mailbox.
 * Daily Reward timer will reset at fatigue reset time (09:00 UTC) every day.
 * Log-on Time reward timer will not be reset.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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