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DFO 2nd Anniversary


Mar 21, 2017 (UTC)


To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary, the citizens of Arad gathered to decorate the village,
when suddenly, the ground trembled and a huge dimensional rift was created
in the center of Underfoot Square.
Adventurers, head into the rift and uncover what lies inside this mysterious rift!





A huge dimensional rift was created in Underfoot Square!
Let's move through the rift.


Move through the rift and you will be taken to the Secret Town.
In the Secret Town, you will find many NPCs running events!





In order to participate in 2nd Anniversary events, you need <()Secret Coin - Town>.
Secret Coins will drop in
Optimal Level Dungeons during the event period,
so please collect them to participate in the event!


Scroll Down to See Event Details




 "Stop right there, Kartels!"

Kartel soldiers have stealthed into Danjin's town disguised as pots and are trying to steal dangerous, unverified Danjinroids. You must stop the Kartels before they run out to the Arad continent and cause chaos! 



Get the quest through Laijin and enter the dungeon.

The soldiers inside the dungeons drop Danjinroid scraps.
The totems located in the middle of the rooms drop Demon Invitaitions.

Purchase Danjinroids and Danjin head avatars with the Danjinroid Scraps acquired from dungeons! 

Item Name Price () Limit
Danjinroid Mk-1 Danjinroid Scraps x 450 1
Danjinroid Mk-2 1
Danjinroid Mk-3 1
Danjinroid Mk-4 1
Danjinroid Mk-5 1
Danjinroid Mk-6 1
Danjin Hat Avatar 1
Arin Hat Avatar 1
Manjin Hat Avatar 1
Pokin Hat Avatar 1
Senior Hat Avatar 1
Cardin Hat Avatar 1
Golden Danjin Hat Avatar Danjinroid Scraps x 700 1
Creature Food Danjinroid Scraps x 200 20
Creature Rename Card Danjinroid Scraps x 400 3


Want to see what Danjinroids looks like?
Here is a preview of the Danjinroid Mk-6 creature.

Walking Transformation


In the boss room, you will encounter the Danjinroid Mk-0.
More Secret Coin - Town drops in boss rooms!



Secret Coins have turned Danjin insane!
Now he's offering Legendary equipment to those who break his pot hat!
Hearing this news, adventurers are now gathering to crush Danjin's hat.



Click on Danjin in Secret Town and then click the 'Boxing' button.
Use Secret Coin - Town x5 to start boxing.
※ Boxing can be played 3x per day/account.

When the game starts, press the space bar repeatedly to throw punches.
During the 60 seconds, you can obtain up to 3 rewards.

Punch until the pot breaks!
When Danjin loses all the health, the pot Danjin is wearing will break and you will receive a reward.
You can break up to 3 pot hats per game.
Go all out to break Danjin's pot hat!


You may notice that sometimes, Danjin's HP bar's color and the face expression is different.
You will receive a different reward depending on the color of the HP bar on top.

Danjin's HP bar Obtainable Equipment
Common ~ Legacy Equipment
Halidom Equipment
Legendary Equipment Reward

* Danjin's HP bar increases depending on the reward
* If Danjin's HP bar is for legendary reward, press that space bar like there's no tomorrow.


Whenever you break Danjin's pot, you will receive 'Pot Fragments'() as well.
Pot Fragments are used as currency in Danjin's shop.

Item Description Price Limit
Legacy Pot Contains a legacy equipment. 10 2
Halidom Pot Contains a halidom equipment. 20 2
Quest Legendary Box Contains a quest legendary equipment. 70 2



The fountain in Underfoot Square has fallen into the Secret Town. It seems going through the rift had a strange effect on the water of the fountain. It is breathing life into Secret Town. 

Click the fountain to get Elixir of Life.
Secret Coin - Town is consumed when acquiring Elixir of Life.

Give the Elixir of Life to NPC Senior.
The tree vine in town will grow.
When the tree vine is fully grown, baby Danjin will be born. You can use the materials earned from baby Danjin's birth to buy items at NPC Senior's shop. 



Item Name Description Price Limit
Bonus EXP Potion Increases Hunting, Dungeon Clear EXP by 100% for 30 minutes. (This effect will remain active even after changing characters/towns or exiting the game)
Baby Danjin x2
2x per account/day
Bonus Stat Potion Increases STR/INT/VIT/SPI by 300 for 30 minutes. (This effect will remain active even after changing characters/towns or exiting the game)
Baby Danjin x2
Bonus Speed Potion Increases Attack/Movement/Casting Speed by 30% for 30 minutes. (This effect will remain active even after changing characters/towns or exiting the game)
Baby Danjin x2
Bonus Critical Potion Increases Critical Chance by 50% for 30 minutes. (This effect will remain active even after changing characters/towns or exiting the game)
Baby Danjin x2
Hell Party Buff Potion Decreases Demon Invitations consumed when entering Hell Party by 30% for 30 minutes. (This effect will remain active even after changing characters/towns or exiting the game)
Baby Danjin x15
4x per account
Elxir of Giant Increases the size of your character in town when used. 2222 Gold -
Elxir of Dwarf Decreases the size of your character in town when used. 2222 Gold -


For the adventurers visiting Secret Town,
we will be holding an event where if you match 5 winning numbers, you will receive 2222 Demon Invitations!
Don't miss this chance!



Click Pokin in Secret Town to open the event UI. (It can also be accessed through the Icon() on the bottom of the screen.)

Choose 5 numbers from 1-20 and then click the Submit button.
()Secret Coin - Town x5 is consumed when Submit is clicked.


[For those who are indecisive!] Paul the Fortune Teller
If you are having trouble choosing your numbers, get help from Paul!
You will find Paul beside Pokin. Click him and he will give you random numbers.


After you have chosen your numbers, UI will change to the Winning Numbers announcement screen.
Winning Numbers will be announced on the next day.

1 Winning numbers are displayed here. After submitting the numbers, winning numbers will be displayed on the next day.

** The screen to the left is an example and it is not related to the actual winning numbers.
2 Displays the time left until the winning numbers are announced.
3 After the winning numbers are announced, click it to see how many you got right!
4 Click it to receive your reward.


You will receive rewards based on how many numbers you matched.

Matched # Place Reward Amount
Demon Invitation 2222
Arad Ball Ticket 1
Demon Invitation 222
Arad Ball Ticket 1
Demon Invitation 22
Arad Ball Ticket 1
Demon Invitation 10
Arad Ball Ticket 1
Demon Invitation 2
Arad Ball Ticket 1
0 6 Arad Ball Ticket 1


Don't be disappointed because you didn't win.
Arad Ball Ticket(
) which you receive participating can be used to buy items at NPC Pokin's shop!

Item  Name Price Limit
Hell Party Ticket X 10 7 4
Demon Invitation X 10 1 -


# Please Note:
Arad Ball can only be played once per account.
Arad Ball's winning numbers are announced on the next day after you chose the numbers.
Arad Ball's winning numbers are same for all adventurers.


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