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DFO Arithmetic


Apr 11, 2017 (UTC)

 "Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers."
This holds true in DFO as well!
Getting familiar with numbers can help you understand your character better!
Take this crash course and become a number whiz!

■ Target: Lv. 17+ Characters


Gaining Chances to Play
Clear Optimal Level Dungeon 3x to gain 1 chance to play 'DFO Arithmetic.'

Open Game Window
Visit 'DFO Arithmetic' NPC in Seria's Room.

Answering the Question
Find the correct answer to the question as quickly as possible!


Game Screen Information

No.  Description
1 Displays how many times you've cleared an Optimal Level Dungeon.
2 Displays the play chances you have left.
3 Displays the question and tip.
4 Click the start button to start the game.
5 This is the number board where you will choose the answer to the problem. Numbers 0-99 are randomly placed.
6 Displays the remaining time.












For each play, you will be given 3 questions. After pressing start, question will be revealed after the countdown.

If you are ready to play DFO Arithmetic, press the start button!

The question will be revealed when the countdown ends.

Find the answer on the number board.

A Report Card will be given based on the answer and the time remaining.
You will receive the reward in your mailbox after each question ends.



Reward Description Price Limit
Life Token Box Contains 1-9 Life Tokens. 3 15
Transcendent Stone Box Contains 1-9 Transcendent Stones. 5 15
DFO Arithmetic Contract Box  Activates Cube or Growth or Tactician's or Conqueror's Contract for 1-5 days randomly. 7 15
Random Level-up Ticket Use it to increase your character's level by 1-9 randomly. 
It can only be used by Lv. 1-75 characters. Maximum attainable level: 84.
10 2
Gold Pot Generates 100,000G ~ 999,999G.
(Can be opened from Lv. 60+.)
12 1
Terranium Box Contains 15 Terraniums. 15 50
Random Reinforcement Ticket Use it on an equipment to grant reinforcement level from 1-10 randomly. 50 4


- Play chances will reset at fatigue reset time every day.
- You will not be able to click for a short period of time after clicking the wrong answer.
- If you exit the game without answering the question, your play chance will still be deducted.
- The faster you find the answer, the more Report Card you can get.
- To close DFO Arithmetic, click the x button.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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