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Interdimensional Odyssey


Jan 09, 2018 (UTC)


Cross the boundaries of spacetime to search for the Great Will!



You can enter the dungeon through Multidimensional Girl in Seria's Room.

'Friendliness' increases when you clear dungeons.

To receive rewards, you must increase 'Friendliness' with your Knight by clearing the same dungeon 4 times.


Dungeon Reward Detail
End of Terra Increases Fire/Water Damage by 10 for 10 minutes.
DFO School Increases Shadow/Light Damage by 10 for 10 minutes.
Another Dimension Increases Attack/Casting/Movement Speed by 10% for 10 minutes.
Tragedy Begins Contains 5 Kaleido Box(s).
Forest of the Dead Contains 5 Kaleido Box(s).
Imperial Arena Contains 5 Kaleido Box(s).
Morgan's Story Contains 20 Life Token(s).
Miserable Delezie Increases STR/INT/VIT/SPI by 50 for 10 minutes.
Eccentric Girl Increases Physical/Magical Critical Chance by 5% for 10 minutes.
Brick World Contains 5 Kaleido Box(s).


Collect Lifesprings and exchange them for rewards!
See below the list of items available at the NPC shop.

Lifespring (Can be exchanged for items at Multidimensional Girl's shop.)
Lifespring is automatically added to your inventory after clearing Interdimensional Odyssey dungeons.
Reward Details Price Limit
2nd Awakening Quest Clear Ticket Automatically clears 2nd Awakening Quest when used. 10 1
Earring Quest Clear Ticket Automatically clears earring quest when used. 10 1
Brick Box Contains a Brickness Auto.

   Brickness Auto (Sub Equipment)
    - Untradable / Cannot be disassembled/compounded.

  • Str/Int/Vit/Spi +31
  • Exorcism +304
  • 5% chance to create 5 Brick Bombs to the random enemies in 500px.


10 1
Title Box

Contains a Girl's Intense Gaze(Title).

     [Girl's Intense Gaze(Untradable)]

  • Str/Int/Vit/Spi +29
  • Weapon Physical Atk/Weapon Magical Atk/Independent Atk +5
  • All Abnormal Status Resist +10 / Inventory Weight Limit +10Kg / Town Movement Speed +10%
  • All Classes Level 10 All Skill +1
10 1
Interdimensional Fragment Box Contains 10 Interdimensional Fragment(s). 1 -


* Please Note
- All event items will be deleted on 6 FEB, 2018 09:00(UTC).



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