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Invasion of Proga


Jan 23, 2018 (UTC)


An urgent message from Paradeisos

Adventurer, we are in dire need of your help. Paradeisos was once a peaceful place. However, Proga, the dragon of Kupidus invaded us and we are in deep trouble. At this rate, the Casus's Seal will be released and every world connected to Paradeisos will be destroyed! Please give us your hand in stopping the invasion of Proga.











HOW TO PARTICIPATE (Lv. 50+ characters can enter the dungeon.)

Meet Inane at Seria's Room and receive the quest.

Go together with Inane to Illucyon NPC. Dungeon can be entered through Paradeisos Outpost.

Select the dungeon you wish to enter: Mageia's Fortress or Casus's Seal.

Purchase the reward items with materials from boss monsters.


There are two dungeons. [Mageia's Fortress] must be cleared in order to enter [Casus's Seal].
Each dungeon can be entered up to 2x per day.


'Kupidus's Horn' can be obtained by defeating the boss of each dungeon.
'Kupidus's Horn' can be used at Inane or Illucyon's shop.
'Megeia's Energy' can also be obtained by defeating bosses. It is very useful for leveling.



A dragon of the Kupidus clan with ambitions
to rule the world. In order to achieve this,
Proga seeks to release the Casus's Seal.

An ancient legendary dragon
notorious for its destructive force.













Reward Description Cost
/ Purchase Limit
Rare Clone Avatar Box Contains 1 Rare Clone Avatar of your choice. (untradable) 200 Kupidus's Horn(s)
/ 1 per account
Mageia's Box Contains 1 Mageia's Gift(s).

* Mageia's Gift?
Allows you to enter Hell Party. 1 Mageia's Gift is consumed upon entering. It can be used to enter Hell Party in Time Gate, Power Station, Castle of the Dead and Metro Center.
5 Kupidus's Horn(s)
/ 1 per character/day
Weapon Avatar Box Obtain 1 Mageia's clan weapon avatar of your choice. 40 Kupidus's Horn(s)
/ 1 per account
Mageia's Soldier Mageia's Soldier will be summoned for 300 seconds and 
fight for you. 
(It can only be used in dungeons and Mageia Soldier's level 
will be equal to it's summoner's level.)
1 Kupidus's Horn
Illucyon's Shout Illucyon's shout boosts your spirit, increasing STR/INT/VIT/SPI by 77 for 1 hour. (Illucyon's Shout effect will remain after moving channels, changing characters or dying.) 2 Kupidus's horn
/ 1 per character/day


# Please Note

  • Each dungeon can be entered up to two times per day.
  • Avatars contained in Rare Clone Avatar Box and Weapon Avatar Box are untradable.


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