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Strong Adventurers


Aug 18, 2015 (UTC)



Hi, Adventurers


Visit Seria now to claim gifts that will make you strong!
Only available for just 3 weeks!

* Event period: August 18 ~ September 8, 2015(UTC) until maintenance
* Event available to all characters above Lv. 5!


* How to participate

1. Visit Seria to accept an event quest.


2. Then complete it to claim your reward!


Please note:

1. Event quest becomes available at Lv. 5.
2. Event quest has multiple phases. Please proceed to the next phase step by step.
3. Accepting/completing quest can be done only during the event period.
4. All quests can be completed only by once per account.


* List of rewards

Seria's gift

Blessing Touches.x5

Strong Elixirs x5

 Lv. 15 Strong Box

Fatigue Recovery Potion (156)

Rusty Copper Safe Upgrade Kit

 Lv. 25 Strong Box

Rapid Growth Potion x3

Inventory Expansion Pass Box


 Lv. 35 Strong Box

HP potion of Heaven x3

MP potion of Heaven x3

Mysterious Coin Pouch

Fatigue Recovery Potion (30) x2

 Lv. 45 Strong Box

Special Cape Avatar Box

Treasure Hunter's Secret Potion x2



No Icon Name Description
1 Strong Elixir

Grants +50 STR/INT buff for 30 minutes. The effect remains regardless of if you die in the Dungeon or move back to town.

2 Blessing Touch

Immediately restores 30% of your Max HP and MP.

3 Fatigue Recovery Potion (156)

Restores 156 Fatigue Points. Cannot be used in Seria's room.

4 Fatigue Recovery Potion (30)

Restores 30 Fatigue Points. Cannot be used in Seria's room.

5 Mysterious Coin Pouch

A Pouch containing 2~10 Coins.

6 Rapid Growth Potion

Dungeon clearance +200% EXP Bonus up to 5 times. (!Works only in Optimal level dungeons!) Overlaps with any other EXP bonus event. Effect disabled when you enter character/channel select screen. 

7 Rusty Copper Safe Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your storage to Rusty Copper Safe. This Safe
upgrade only applies to the character using it, 
and does not affect other characters on the account.

8 Inventory Expansion Pass Box

When used, inventory tier 1 is automatically expanded.
Not effective on already expanded inventory.

9 HP Potion of Heaven

Immediatley restores 100% of your HP.

10 MP Potion of Heaven

Immediatley restores 100% of your MP.

11 Special Cape Avatar Box

Contains very special cape avatar.

12 Treasure Hunter's Secret Potion

Increases your Quest item drop rate by 50% for 30 minutes.


Please note:

All unused Strong Boxes will be deleted on September 8th, 2015. All unused event consumables (except Cape Avatar) will be deleted on September 15th, 2015.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team




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