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Pro Arad Adventurer


Feb 27, 2018 (UTC)

What is a Pro Arad Adventurer?

Among the great many adventurers who enjoy playing DFO,
"Pro Arad Adventurer" is a title of honor given to those who prove to be truly worthy.
This is an annual event and anyone selected as a Pro Arad Adventurer
can receive a special reward exclusive to Pro Arad Adventurers.




Even if you don't complete all the missions, you can still be selected as a Pro Arad Adventurer.
Once the mission period ends, we will select Pro Arad Adventurers through internal evaluation.
For the internal evaluation, we will take in account the # of missions completed
and the completion progress of each mission.



Complete Missions
Feb 27~Apr 10


Internal Evaluation
Apr 10~ Apr 24


Pro Arad Adventurer Announcement
Apr 24






* Please Note *
Anyone found to have violated our terms of service
will be excluded from the selection process during the internal evaluation.






This is the first step to becoming a Pro Arad Adventurer!
Complete these missions to the best of your ability!
My mission progress can be checked in-game.

Mission 1
Reach Lv. 27 Explorer Club or higher
Mission 2
Clear Luke Raid Phase 2 - 70 times
Mission 3
Clear Anton Raid Phase 2 - 120 times
Mission 4
Reach Lv. 90 with a 'Restart!' event character
Mission 5
Reach Lv. 90 with a Dragoon or an Impaler
(Will be released in March)
Mission 6
Spend 70,000 Fatigue Points
Mission 7
Clear Hell Party/Temporal Rift - 3000 times
Mission 8
Clear Tower of Anguish - 100 times
Mission 9
Clear Pandemonium Rift - 100 times
Mission 10
Clear Echon Dungeon - 100x
Mission 11
Win in the Arena - 10 times





[Gift 1] Pro Arad Adventurer's Aura

Party Teleportation (Cooldown: 5m)
Expiry: Unlimited


[Gift 2] Pro Arad Adventurer's Title

Attack/Movement/Casting Speed +3% / Hit Rate +3%
Physical/Magical Critical Chance +2%
HP +200 / MP +200
Town Movement Speed +20%
Bonus Damage 10% (5% in Arena)
Expiry: Unlimited


[Gift 3] Pro Arad Adventurer's License
You will receive a special license with your Explorer Club Name written on it.
Using it in town will play an animation above your head.
This animation can be seen by all users near you.
(Does not get consumed on use.)
Expiry: Unlimited


[Gift 4] Kalbarri's Ribbon

Changes the 1st awakening image for 30 minutes.
Has additional effects in certain Luke Raid dungeon.
Expiry: Unlimited

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