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Mar 27, 2018 (UTC)


Whac! Whac! Whac! It's time to hammer the moles back down to the ground!
Have a blast beating down the moles and before you know it,
you will have 3rd Anniversary Secret Coin, Interdimensional Fragments, Quest Legendary Materials and more!



Go to NPC Baby Danjin
in Hendon Myre.

Click on Baby Danjin
and you will see the Whac? button.
Click the button to open
the mini-game.

Pressing Space will consume
a 3rd Anniversary Secret Coin
and the game will begin.
Whac? can be played
up to 3 times per day.











This game has two modes: Normal and Hidden. Gameplay is different in each mode.


  ■ Normal Mode ■   
When the game starts, moles will pop up from the 9 holes.
A key is designated to each hole. Press the corresponding key when the mole pops up to hit it.
* In normal mode, only [Q, W, E, A, S, D, Z, X, C]  keys are used.

Each mole is scored differently. Please be careful when hitting.

HP: 1
Kill Points: 200
HP: 2
Kill Points: 300
HP: 1
Time reduced by 5 seconds



  ■ Hidden Mode ■   
There's a small chance to activate hidden mode when you start the game.

In hidden mode:

1) You only need to press the Spacebar to hit the moles.
2) You get points every time you hit.
3) You can earn more rewards compared to normal mode.



  ■ Fever Time ■   
When you reach a certain amount of points from hitting the mole, fever time will be activated.

During fever time, more moles will pop up and your hit speed will be increased.
* In hidden mode, only your hit speed increases.




  ■ Point Rewards ■  
When you reach a certain amount of points from hitting moles, you will receive rewards.
* In hidden mode, you will receive 2x rewards.

Points Reward Amount Trade Type
3750 3rd Anniversary Secret Coin
Used for purchasing various items at Happy DFO 3rd Anniversary Cake shop.Can be acquired by participating in 3rd Anniversary events.
2 Account-bound
15000 3



  ■ Mission Rewards ■  
A mission will be given every game. Mission can be checked on the top of the mini-game.
Mission changes every game.

Kills Rewards Trade Type
20~30 Interdimensional Fragment (20)
Contains 20 Interdimensional Fragment(s).
30~40 Interdimensional Fragment (30)
Contains 30 Interdimensional Fragment(s).
10~17 Quest Legendary Material (20)
Generates 20 Ancient Dungeon Legendary Material(s) of your choice.
17~25 Quest Legendary Material (30)
Generates 30 Ancient Dungeon Legendary Material(s) of your choice.



  ■ Accumulated Reward ■  
Accumulated Rewards can be opened by clicking the () button at the bottom or through the event calendar UI.
Accumulated rewards are as follows.

Total Kills Rewards Trade Type
1000 Interdimensional Fragment (300)
Contains 300 Interdimensional Fragment(s).
2500 Interdimensional Fragment (600)
Contains 600 Interdimensional Fragment(s).
500 Quest Legendary Material (300)
Generates 300 Ancient Dungeon Legendary Material(s) of your choice.
1000 Quest Legendary Material (600)
Generates 600 Ancient Dungeon Legendary Material(s) of your choice.


#Please Note:

  • After completing the mission, you must click the Get button on the UI to receive rewards.
  • For accumulated reward, total kills are shared by account.
  • Each accumulated reward can be obtained once per account.



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