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Honey Time


Mar 27, 2018 (UTC)

A special Honey Time to make DFO's 3rd Anniversary even more rewarding!
Get Cherry Blossom Damage Fonts, +10 Reinforcement Tickets and more!


Daily Reward

Login Time Reward Description
5 min 3rd Anniversary Fire Works (3)

Fireworks to celebrate DFO's 3rd Anniversary. Use it in town.

15 min Remy's Sparkling Touch (5) Restores 30% of HP. Restores 30% of MP. Cures harmful status effects of your character.
30 min 3rd Anniversary Secret Coin (5) Used for puchasing various items at Happy DFO 3rd Anniversary Cake shop.
60 min Demon Invitation Box (5-20)  Contains 5-20 Demon Invitation(s). Can only be used by Demonic Lancers.


Total Log-in Time Reward

Login Time Reward   Description
5h x3 Growth Potion (60 min) When used, EXP obtained by clearing dungeons will be increased by 200% for 60 minutes. 
40h Otherverse Energy Purification Scroll Can be used on Otherversal Energy items to make them equippable.
Adds one of the Dimensional abilities (Dimensional Strength/Intelligence/Vitality/Spirit).
Once a Dimensional ability is added, the item can only be Amplified. 
80h DFO Cherry Blossom Damage Font Adds a Cherry Blossom Damage Font when used.
(Only applies to the character you use it on. Expires on JAN 1st, 2019, 09:00 UTC)
120h +10 Equipment Reinforcement Ticket Use it on a weapon to reinforce it to +10 regardless of its current reinforcement level.


DFO Cherry Blossom Damage Font Preview



#Please Note: 

  • All rewards will be deleted on APR 24, 2018 at 09:00 UTC.
  • All rewards are sent to your mailbox.
  • Reward time is reset at fatigue reset time (09:00 UTC) every day.
  • Total Log-in Time rewards can only be received once during the event period.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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