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Mar 27, 2018 (UTC)


Have you checked out MJ's new sandwich joint at the 3rd Anniversary Flea Market?
MJ's secret recipe has gotten everyone hooked and he is having trouble keeping up with all the orders.
Help MJ by making sandwiches and get rewarded in retun!


● Period : MAR 27-APR 24 2018(UTC) until maintenance


For every 2 Optimal Level Dungeon clears, you will receive 1 chance to create a sandwich.
Sandwiches can be made up to 3x per day.

Find MJ at Hendon Myre

Find MJ at the 3rd Anniversary Flea Market in Hendon Myre.
Click MJ and select Aradonald.

Make a Sandwich!

Create a sandwich based on the order received within the time limit.
Catch the falling materials in order by moving the dish! Bread is provided by default.


As the game difficulty increases, you may receive a hidden order.
Hidden order's materials will be shown in silhouette.


  • If you catch the wrong material, you will lose 1 HP and falling speed of the materials will increase.
  • The game will end regardless of the time remaining if you catch the wrong material 5 times.



Special Rule

 ■ Sandwich Recipe Difficulty ■ 
Every time you make 3 sandwiches, the recipe difficulty will increase.
Recipe difficulty can be checked by the changing colors on the UI.
When the recipe difficulty increases, the falling speed will increase and you can receive more rewards.


Level Rampage Domination Unstoppable Godlike Legendary
# of Sandwiches 0~2 3~5 6~8 9~11 12+
Secret Coin 0 2 4 6 12
Hidden Order X X X O O



 ■ Hidden Order ■ 
Hidden order's materials are shown in silhouette.
Hidden orders only appear in Godlike and Legendary levels.



Here are the recipes of the delicious sandwiches at Aradonald.

Tomato Tomato Ranch Sauce Lettuce
Lettuce Lettuce Pickle Pepper
Bacon Pickle Smoked Turkey Chicken Breast
HOT! Mania
Meat Killer
Pork Tomato
Calorie Bomb
Beef Bacon Ketchup Beef
Jalapeno Beef Bacon Beef
Hot Sauce Smoked Turkey Tomato Bacon
Pepper Chicken Breast Bacon Bacon
Big Arad
HOT!!!!!!!!!! Mania
Scarlet Sandwich
Overtime Sandwich
Tomato Smoked Turkey Bacon Chicken Breast
Beef Hot Sauce Hot Sauce Smoked Turkey
Lettuce Jalapeno Ketchup Mustard
Beef Hot Sauce Tomato Chicken Breast
Gerri's Choice
Jerry's Choice
MJ's Choice
Lettuce Smoked Turkey Ketchup Jalapeno
Chicken Breast Pepper Bacon Ranch Sauce
Chicken Breast Lettuce Beef Tomato
Chicken Breast Tomato Smoked Turkey Lettuce
Chicken Breast Mustard Chicken Breast Bacon




 ■ Sandwich Rewards ■ 
After making a sandwich, you will be given Secret Coins based on the recipe's difficulty.

3rd Anniversary Secret Coin
Used for purchasing various items at Happy DFO 3rd Anniversary Cake shop.
Can be acquired by participating in 3rd Anniversary events.
Level Rampage Domination Unstoppable Godlike Legendary
Secret Coin 0 2 4 6 12


 ■ Sandwich Accumulated Reward ■ 
Additional rewards will be given based on the total number of sandwiches made!

Total Sandwiches Reward Description
111 Sandwich Special Bonus (111) Contains 20 Refined Terranium(s).
222 Sandwich Special Bonus (222) Contains 30 Refined Terranium(s).
333 Sandwich Special Bonus (333) Contains 50 Refined Terranium(s).


# Please Note

  • Once the game begins, you cannot close the game UI until the game ends.
  • The rewards are sent via mailbox.
  • Refined Terranium(s) inside the Sandwich Special Bonus Box are untradable.
  • Total sandwiches made will be calculated and shown on the game result screen.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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