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Mint Note


Apr 10, 2018 (UTC)

Stay a while and listen! Allow me to tell you about this amazing tale of Rebecca's adventure! 
Recently, I got my hand on the most amazing story I've ever heard written in mint colored notebook.
That's where my shop's name come from. The Mint Note!

Follow along with adventurer Rebecca and solve mysteries of GBL together!
Solve tricks to escape from solitary confinement!
Gerri will rewards you with special gifts for every chapter of her story!






Let's dive into her story! Shall we?

Visit Gerri's [Mint note]
in Hendon Myre Flee Market!

You can play the event dungeon up to twice daily from here! 

Clear optimal dungeon 5 times to acquire additional entry count.

Discover the Mysteries
of GBL secret laboratory!

Adventurer Rebecca will be with you and guide through the dungeon.

Solve puzzles and tricks to find out what's really going on and escape.

Get Rewarded
with Gerri's appreciation gift!

Gerri will send Mysterious Treasure, which contains rewards.
Mysterious Treasure() will be sent via mail every time you clear a chapter.





How to play

Make sure to clear optimal dungeon 5 times to earn additional play count!

Interact with clues
that are hidden in every chapter!
(Click to pick up the Mint note from the floor.)

Examine the clues
further to solve puzzles & tricks!
(Click to grab hidden key inside of the box.)

Use acquired clues
to escape from the GBL laboratory!
(Use the hidden key to unlock the gate and move to the next floor.)




Given upon clearing each floor List of Reward Items
Name Quantity Type

Mysterious Treasure
(Account Bound)

Contains 1 single-use equipment Amplifier and one of the following item(s) on the list.

Get up to 2 Mysterious Treasure daily from playing Mint Note event dungeon.
*Mysterious Treasure will be deleted on APR 24, 2018 9:00 (UTC)
Rare Clone Avatar Box (1 ea.)
Contains 1 Rare Clone Avatar of your choice. (Permanent / Untradable)
*Box item will be deleted on APR 24, 2018 9:00 (UTC)
1 Account Bound
Kaleido Box
Use this item to reset your Equipment to a random rank.
1~5 Untradable
Transcendent Stone
Enables you to transfer Untradable (sealed or unsealed) equipment to your Account Vault.
1~3 Untradable
Remy's Sparkling Touch
Restore 30% of HP/MP. Cures harmful status effect at all character levels.
10~50 Account Bound


What if I finished the entire chapter?

No worries! You can play the event dungeon all over again!
You can replay Mint Note event dungeon as many times as you wish during the event period!
Each time you finish the entire chapter, 100 Secret Coins() will be rewarded!


# Please Note:

  • Mint Note event dungeon can be entered via NPC Gerri’s [Mintnote] in Hendon Myre Flee Market.
  • You can enter the event dungeon up to twice a day. Make sure to clear optimal dungeon to earn additional entry count.
  • Tutorial and Epilogue chapter don't require entry count to enter.
  • Daily entry count will be reset on fatigue reset time.
  • Entry count will be spent upon moment you clear the dungeon.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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