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Honey Weekend Returns


Apr 10, 2018 (UTC)

Hungry Honey Bear has finally returned!
Enjoy DFO during the weekends and get up to 2000 Demon Invitations!
With the Double Hell event, you can reap twice the benefits! Looks like a perfect chance to gear your new Demonic Lancers!


  • Period : APR 10-MAY 8 2018(UTC) until maintenance
  • Eligibility: All Characters



Log-in on Saturday
and Sunday!

Receive Honey Pots depending on accumulated log-in time on Saturday/Sunday

Exchange Honey Cells for rewards at the Honey Bear Shop.


Weekend Gifts

10 Minutes 30 Minutes 1 Hour 2 Hours
Honey Cell x1

Refined Terranium x2
Honey Cell x3

Refined Terranium x4
Honey Cell x6

Life Token x3
Honey Cell x15
  • Accumulated log-in time is reset at fatigue reset time. Don't forget to claim your rewards each day!
  • This event lasts for 4 weeks, on Saturdays and Sundays (8 days total).




Reward Description Price (Honey Cell) Limit
Honey Demon Invitation Orb Contains 500 Demon Invitation(s). 50 4 per account
Level-up Ticket (Lv. 1-88) Increases character's level by 1. 20 2 per account
Remy's Sparkling Touch Pouch Contains 20 Remy's Sparkling Touch(s). 10 10 per account
Equipment Repair Coupon (1 Slot) Repairs 1 of your equipment for free. 1 -


#Please Note:

  •  All event items will be deleted on 8 MAY, 2018 09:00(UTC).
  • This event only runs on weekends (Sat/Sun) during the event period. Accumulated time rewards are reset at 09:00 (UTC).
  • Please claim the accumulated time rewards before the reset time, as you will not be able to claim them after the reset.
  • Accumulated log-in time is shared by account, and rewards are given once per account every Sat/Sun.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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