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The Mysterious Riddle


Apr 24, 2018 (UTC)

Uncover the truth behind the mysterious case in Albion!
The square, the street, the clock tower and the mansion….
If I just work diligently, I think I will be able to solve this within the week!
Let's get started, shall we?


● Period : APR 24-JUN 05 2018(UTC) until maintenance
● Eligibility: Lv 17↑, All Characters



Check Investigation Journal

Open the UI by right clicking on the evidence or by clicking the HUD icon.

Each area's evidence can be obtained by playing [Phantom Thief and Detective] dungeons.

Check Collected Evidence

On each area's tab, use the evidence that you've collected from that area.

Every time you use 2 pieces of evidence, you will complete 10% of the murderer's montage.

  STEP 3.
Identify the Murderer

Once you've collected all pieces of evidence from the 4 areas, select the suspect in the murderer's tab.



After collecting 20 pieces of evidence, the murderer's montage will be completed and you will receive rewards.

Reward for completing each are are as follows.

Completed Area Reward Description
Square Interdimensional Fragment Pot Contains 200 Interdimensional Fragment(s).
Street Ancient Treasure Box Generates 200 Ancient Dungeon Legendary Materials of your choice.
Mansion Powerful Energy Box Contains 200 Powerful Energy(s).
Clock Tower Purification Stone Box Contains 200 Purification Stone(s).


When you complete the murderer's montage, you will receive a special avatar.
Here is a bonus reward for your hard work!

Silhouette Avatar Box
Contains a Black Silhouette Avatar Box.
This avatar covers the entire body.
Silhouette Avatar is a skin avatar.

Account-bound /
2018-06-05 09:00


2 Secrets Revealed Upon Solving All Puzzles

Secret 1. By completing the murderer's montage of each area, NPCs belonging to each area will open a special shop!



Secret 2. You can enter the Boss dungeon after collecting evidence from all areas and completing the murderer's montage.


# Please Note

  • Rewards are sent to your mailbox.
  • Event is shared by account and rewards can only be received once per account.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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