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A Dream of Romantic Adventures


May 08, 2018 (UTC)


Dark Nightmare and the World of Dreams

The Dark Nightmare is no more and peace has finally returned to Arad. However, the horror that it inflicted still remained in the hearts of many. Anxiety and unhappiness grew, as more and more people spent sleepless nights in fear. This caused a rippling effect that even affected the World of Dreams.

The World of Dreams was created by innocent desires and hope. It is a sanctuary for the optimistic dreamers but now the world is being threatened by the rise of the Dark Nightmare which was born from negative emotions of the people.

The Will of the World of Dreams knew that in order to stop the nightmare, it would have no other choice but to start over from the beginning. 
However, it needed a person from another dimension for this to work and in order to persuade the chosen adventurer, the World of Dreams sent a part of its will to the adventurer’s subconsciousness and the adventurer perceived it as "Seria".

The kind-hearted adventurer hears the words of "Seria" in dreams, and crosses the Dimensional Gate....




Guardians refer to the characters you must become friends with inside the World of Dreams.
Increase 'Likeability', release them from their curse, and work together with them to save the World of Dreams.

Elizabeth Irene

World of Dreams 1st Imperial Princess
She is very proficient with swords.
Confident, sincere and very strict on herself.

World of Dreams 2nd Imperial Princess
She enjoys reading and often gets lost in her own thoughts.
Reserved but very curious.
Catherine Louis

World of Dreams 3rd Imperial Princess
A sassy little girl.
Can be very blunt at times. Hides her true feelings.

Prince of the World of Dreams
An attractive young man.
Curious and cheerful.



Acquire Romantic Points and spend them to increase your Charm Level.
After increasing your charm level, interact with the guardians and eventually see the ending.

Create your Adventurer

Play Hero’s Training Grounds
(How to Acquire Romantic Points)

Level your Charm with Romantic Points

Increase 'Likeability' by talking with Guardians
(Depending on your Charm Level, more meaning conversations are possible!)

See Ending




Participate in the event via
World of Dreams NPC in Seria's Room.

After entering the World of Dreams,
it will prompt you to create a character(Adventurer).
Enter your name and constellation
to create your character.

[ TIP ] Constellation you choose when creating your character is important because each Guardian has a preferred constellation that they are more attracted to. Find out which constellation is best for whom!



After creating your adventurer, open the event UI through the NPC and you will see a screen like the one below. Here is a description of each function.

① Charm Level
Charm level is required when talking with Guardians.
For example, if your charm level is 2, you can have a conversation with Elizabeth up to episode 4.
Please see the chart below for details.

Charm Level Req. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Conversation Episode 1~2 3~4 5~6 7~8 9~10 11~12 13~14 15~16 17~18 19~20


Charm Level experience can be earned through Hero’s Training Grounds. Please see the chart below for details.

Charm Level Req. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Exp. Req. to next level - 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150
Hero’s Training Grounds EXP 30


② Romantic Point
Romantic points are required for talking with Guardians and when entering Hero’s Training Grounds.
It can be acquired by logging in every day, staying logged in for 20 minutes (up to 9x) and clearing Optimal Level Dungeon. Please see the chart below for details.

Category Daily Character Log-in Play for 20 Minutes
(Up to 180 minutes per day)
Clear Optimal Level Dungeons
Points Acquired 5 3 2


③ Romantic Point Timer
Romantic Point Times are just image representation of the 'Play for 20 Minutes' mission described above.
20 minutes is shown as a gauge and 9 times is shown in dots.


④ D-day
Every time you talk 3 times with a Guardian, D-day decreases by 1.
When D-day reaches 0, you will see the ending.


⑤ Event Map Button
If you click the event map button, it will open a map that allows you to talk to a Guardian or move to Hero’s Training Grounds. Please see event map below for more details.


⑥ Secret Album
This album shows your 'Likeability' with each of the Guardian. Each Guardian makes a different comment based on the 'Likeability' level between 1-10. Even if your 'Likeability' level is 10 with a Guardian, you may still not see the ending of that character.
※ Please see below for more detailed explanation of 'Likeability'.




To save the guardians in the world of dreams, you must increase your 'Likeability' with them.
Increase your 'Likeability' level with the Guardians and lead them to a new world.

In the event map, you will see all the areas that you can visit including each of the Guardian.

Click an area to talk with Guardians and increase 'Likeability'. You can also enter the Hero’s Training Grounds to increase your charm level.

When talking with a Guardian, you will be given response options and you have to make choices.

Depending on the choice you make, you may increase 'Likeability' with that Guardian. So choose wisely! 'Likeability' is required to see the ending.




Please see the chart below for details on Likeability values.

Normal Conversation Choices
Like 10
Dislike 3
Special Episode Choices
Like 30
Dislike 3





[ TIP ]

  • Moving to a different area consumes Romantic points.
  • After meeting with a Guardian 9 times, a Special Episode will begin with a character that has the highest Charm Points.
  • Special Episode greatly increases 'Likeability' with that Guardian. So choose wisely which Guardian you want to have a Special Episode with.




Ending will run automatically when D-day reaches 0.
Every time you talk with a Guardian three times, your d-day will decrease by 1.
You have 7 days, so you can talk 21 times.


If you have a Guardian that has over 140 'Likeability' level at the point of ending, you can see that Guardian's ending.
For each character, there is 1 happy ending and 1 Special Episode.
If you see the ending of all guardians, you can see the final ending.
All endings and Special Episodes can be found in the Reminisce menu in the Secret Album.


If you don't have anyone with over 140 'Likeability', you will see a bad ending.
[If you have a lot of time, it might be fun to experience a bad ending once. ^^]


After seeing the ending episode, you will receive rewards and the World of Dreams will be reset.
For details, please see the chart below.

Reset Maintained
Adventurer Name / Constellation Whether you've seen happy ending for each Guardian
Adventurer Charm EXP Acquired happy endings and Special Episode illustrations
Adventurer Charm Level  Acquired [Heartbeat Coins]
Adventurer Charm Title Mini-Game played that day
 'Likeability' with each character and 'Likeability' comment. -
Acquired Romantic Points
Total Log-in Time


Every time you see an ending, you will receive the rewards below.

구분 Reward Amount Description
Happy Ending Heartbeat Coin 100 Used for purchasing items at [World of Dreams NPC] in Seria's Room. Heartbeat Coin can be acquired by participating in A Dream of Romantic Adventures event.
Heartbeat Reminiscence Card
(Ending Guardian)
1 Only used for upgrading cards. 100% chance to succeed when used as upgrading material. Can be used up to Rare grade.
Bad Ending Heartbeat Coin 20 Used for purchasing items at [World of Dreams NPC] in Seria's Room. Heartbeat Coin can be acquired by participating in A Dream of Romantic Adventures event.
Heartbeat Reminiscence Card (Hero) 1 Only used for upgrading cards. 100% chance to succeed when used as upgrading material. Can be used up to Rare grade.
Final Ending (Upon Clearing All Guardians) A Gift from the World of Dreams 1 Contains 200 Heartbeat Coin(s) and a Heartbeat SD Creature Box.



You can increase your charm level and get rewards through the Hero’s Training Grounds.
There are 2 mini-games.

Arrow of Love
Arrow of Love is a game where you have to hit the target using the mouse.

If you do not hit the target for a certain period of time or hit the masked target, you will lose life. Be careful!

Heart Catcher
Heart Catcher is a game where you have to catch the gifts falling from the sky while dodging nightmares.

Be careful not to touch the nightmare as it will cause your life to decrease.




When you clear the mini-game in Hero’s Training Grounds, you will receive fixed amount of Charm Level along with Heartbeat Coins.().
Also, bonus reward boxes will appear when the mini-game ends.
Click it and you will spend 1 Heartbeat Coin and receive one of the following rewards.

Reward Description
Heartbeat Recovery Potion Recovers 30% HP/MP. Removes all status abnormalities.
Heartbeat Coin Box Contains 1-3 Heartbeat Coin(s).
Fatigue Recovery Potion (1) Recovers 1 Fatigue Point(s).



You will receive Heartbeat Coins when you participate in the event and play the mini-games.
Please see below chart on how to obtain Heartbeat Coins().

Requirement Log-in Conversation Special Episode Happy Ending Bad Ending Play mini-game Charm Level Achievement Reward Acquired through [Promise of Love]
Amount Received 3 1 10 100 20 3~5 8 1


Purchase rewards with Heartbeat Coins collected from the event.
Event rewards can be purchased through the NPC shop in Seria's Room.

Reward Description Price() Purchase Limit (per account)
Platinum Emblem Treasure Chest Obtain a Platinum Emblem Box of your choice. Platinum Emblem Box contains a random platinum emblem for the specified class.
Platinum Emblems acquired from the box are tradable.
1000 1
Heartbeat SD Creature Box Obtain one of the following items of your choice: SD Elizabeth, SD Irene, SD Catherine, SD Louis, SD Hero.
(Creature Option: Town Movement Speed +10%, Skill: Remove abnormal status effects.)
300 1
Heartbeat Photo Album Box Obtain a Heartbeat Photo Album of your choice. Heartbeat Changes your 1st awakening image to a guardian's photo for 30 minutes when used. 200 5
Heartbeat Reminiscence Card Box Select one of the following items of your choice: Heartbeat Reminiscence Card.(Elizabeth, Irene, Catherine, Louis, Hero)

Only used for upgrading cards. 100% chance to succeed when used as upgrading material. Can be used up to Rare grade.
200 1
Creature Food Pouch Contains 10 Creature Food(s). 10 -
Fatigue Recovery Potion (30) Recovers 30 Fatigue Point(s). 50 -
Heartbeat Recovery Potion Recovers 30% HP/MP. Removes all status abnormalities. 5 -


Here is a preview of each reward.

■ Heartbeat SD Creature


■ Heartbeat Photo Album


# Please Note:

  • Reward boxes are deleted on 6/19, at 09:00 (UTC). However, some of its contents (ex.Platinum Emblem, SD Creature, Heartbeat Photo Album, etc.) does not expire. Please check the expiry of each reward.


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