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2017 Begins

Jan 03, 2017 ~ Jan 17, 2017

Happy New Year!
You've done Arad proud in 2016, adventurer.
2017 has just begun and sure enough, the NPCs have something to request of you already!


How to Participate


Go visit the NPCs and maintain the good relationship you have built over the year.
Don't forget to hear the words of blessing from them, too!

Event Period: Jan 3 ~ Jan 17, 2017 (UTC) until maintenance

Open the Event Window

Click the NPC Box of Empyrean in Seria's Room or the HUD ICON.

See NPC of the Day

NPC's request can only be accepted once a day. The NPC of the Day changes every day.
Don't forget to hear the good things they have to say for you!

Accept NPC's request

 Check NPC's request and complete it!


Reward for accepting NPC's request


A bag containing great fortune!
I think the NPC Box of Empyrean will love it!


A box prepared for 2017!
What can be in it?


Please Note.
 - NPC's request will be reset at fatigue reset time every day. (Unaccepted requests and requests in progress will all be reset.)
 - Accept the NPC's requests and receive 'Bag of Fortune' and '2017 Box' as a reward.
 - Bag of Fortune and 2017 Box will be given via the mailbox.
 - Bag of Fortune can be used in the NPC Box of Empyrean's shop.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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