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Yut-Nori (edited on 1/12/2017)

Jan 03, 2017 ~ Jan 17, 2017


Have you heard about the traditional board game of the Empyrean?
You know, life in Arad can be full of ups and downs! So in the beginning of each year, people of the Empyrean play this game to wish for good luck and fortune!
2017 is just around the corner! Let’s play a game of Yut!


Period: Jan 3 ~ Jan 17, 2017 (UTC) until maintenance
Target: Lv.17+ Characters


The traditional game of the Empyrean! Let's play Yut-nori!

Only Lv. 17+ characters can participate.

 What is Yut?

This is called the Yut.
It is similar to a dice.
Every day, you will receive 1 Yut set via mail. You can also obtain Yuts from Optimal Level Dungeons.

 How to enter the game?

Collect Yuts and go to Seria's Room.
An 'Excited Yut' will be waiting for you!

Play Yut-Nori!

Play the game with the Yuts you've collected and get rewards!

What kind of board game is it?
The objective of the game is to go around the board and come back to the starting location.
Shall we look at the components?

Icon Details Icon Details
If you land on these squares, you are allowed to move in the direction of the arrow. It's a short-cut. Basically, you follow along these long lines unless you land on the 'short-cut squares.' This is the starting location and the completion point.
See rules of the game A special item will be given when you land on this space.
See the rewards See which token you are playing with and how many times you've completed the board.
The current location of your token Press the button to throw the Yut.

Yut-nori Rules
A Yut is like a dice. It has a front and a back side. Also, there is one Yut with a special mark in the back.

Front Back Back-Do


And you throw all four of these yuts at once and your token moves based on the result!
See below for the possible results.

Possible Outcome Rule Possible Outcome Rule
Do (Only one Yut is back-sided)
: Move 1 space
Yut (4 back-sides)
: Move 4 spaces
+ throw the Yut again
Gae (Two back-sides)
: Move 2 spaces
Mo (All front sided)
: Move 5 spaces
+ throw the Yut again
Geol (Three back-sides)
: Move 3 spaces
Back-Do (Special mark Yut comes back-sided + all other Yuts are front sided)
: Move back 1 space

Be aware that Yut throw chances will reset on Tuesday at fatigue reset time.


Yut-nori Rewards

Yut Board Completion Reward
You can receive Yut Completion Reward up to 25 times. The count is reset at fatigue reset time on every Tuesday.

Reward Description
Growth Capsule [1 per] 1st Token Board Completion
Adds 1% EXP. Can be used up to Lv. 85.
Growth Capsule [1 per] 2nd Token Board Completion
Adds 1% EXP. Can be used up to Lv. 85.
Ancient Treasure Box 3rd Token Board Completion
Obtain 2 Ancient/Requiem dungeon legendary shop purchase material of your choice.
Ancient Treasure Box 4th Token Board Completion
Obtain 2 Ancient/Requiem dungeon legendary shop purchase material of your choice.


Rewards based on Yuts thrown

Reward Yuts Thrown Description
10x Life Token Box
Contains 5 Life Tokens.
20x DFO Play Box
Contains two Recovery Fatigue Potion (50) and 
five x3 Growth Potions.
50x Interdimensional Fragment Pot
Generates 50 Interdimensional Fragments.
70x Feat. Quest Clear Ticket
Use it to clear all Feat. Quests available at your level.
100x Ancient Envelope
Contains 10 Ancient Dungeon Free Pass.
125x Chronicle Transcendent Stone
Level 1-86 Unreturnable Rare/Unique/Boss Unique/Chronicle Equipment items can be transferred to the Account Vault regardless of their Sealing history. The higher-leveled and -graded an item, the more Transcendent Stones it requires for its transfer. Transcendent Stones cannot be used on Equipment whose Atk. grows based on Titles, Creatures, and Character Levels. Can only be used while in Seria's Room.
150x Gold Pot
Generates 50,000 - 500,000 gold.
Can be used at Lv. 70+.
175x Ancient Treasure Pot
Obtain 100 Ancient/Requiem dungeon legendary shop purchase material of your choice.
200x Hell Envelope
Contains 10 Hell Party Free Pass.


Yut Throw Buffs

You receive buffs whenever your token moves from throwing the yut! So more throws, more profit!


 #Please Note: 

  • Yut-nori can be played from town.
  • Yut set is earned once every day for logging in. Additional Yuts can be earned by playing in Optimal Level Dungeons.
  • Throw the Yut and a random buff will be given when your token moves along the board.
  • The buff gained by throwing the Yut is applied for one dungeon clear only. However, buff will disappear regardless of dungeon clear when you move to character selection screen, change servers or exit the game.
  • Yut Board Completion Reward and Yut Throw Reward will be given to your mailbox at the time of completion.
  • Yut Board Completion Reward and Yut Throw Reward Chance will reset at fatigue reset time on Tuesday of every week. (<-- Fixed a typo on 1/12, 2017)


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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