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Pro Arad Adventurer Announcement


May 08, 2018 (UTC)

Greetings, adventurers!
Here is the final list of Pro Arad Adventurers that you have been waiting for a long time.


We would like to thank all participants for their hard work and dedication into completing these missions, and
congratulations to everyone who have been selected as a Pro Arad Adventurer!


Rewards will be given to adventurers who completed all the missions.
Please note that reward is given to the character that you last logged in with before the May 8th maintenance.
Please check the mailbox of your last logged in character.


Rewards are as follows.

Reward Description
Kalbarri's Ribbon Changes the 1st awakening image for 30 minutes.
Has additional effects in certain dungeons.
[Effective Dungeon: Luke Raid dungeons]
Pro Arad Adventurer's License Your adventurer club name is engraved on this certification.

When used in town, it displays an animation on top of your head. This animation can be seen by all users around you.
(Does not get consumed on use.)
Pro Arad Adventurer's Title

Attack/Movement/Casting Speed +3%
Hit Rate +3%
Physical/Magical Critical Chance +2%
HP +200
MP +200
Town Movement Speed +20%
Bonus Damage 10%
(5% in Arenas)
Pro Arad Adventurer's Aura Party Teleportation (Cooldown: 5 Min.)


A total of 71 adventurers achieved this remarkable feat. Please see the list below.

7 CutCorgiHouse HauntedHouse Kail LostFantasy Pawnhub Scarlet ViejoVaca
A2 DeepDarkBot Hellsing Kajitii MagusBlade Peet SillyCow Vo
Anilin Dragon Ikaros KamiSama MBSFN Pepe Skyson Walker
Baba Eklipse Immunity Kwun MeowMeow Popping Snowman White
Bello64 Eternal Isa KYT Microsoft Razon Tabby Youngi
Carrot Fatestaynight iTQexploreClub LaJiDFO MyHarem Reaper Taco Zeal
Cat Gerri Jedi LittleJune NaRcK Reba TheoSignory Zeske
ChatonClub GouLei JerrielOnline LK Necrofancy Roger TTOAisGod Zvezda
Chicky Haerhee Joever lKisekil Ntx Ryui Uranometria  


Please stay healthy and continue to enjoy the adventure in Arad!


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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