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Upcoming Changes on JUN 19 Maintenance


Jun 14, 2018 (UTC)


Dear DFO Adventurers,


Please be notified of the following changes that will take effect after the JUN 19th maintenance.


▣ Upcoming Explorer Club Changes

- Explorer Club will be changed during the maintenance on JUN 19th, 2018.
- Explorer Club Points will be converted at 1:1 ratio to Valor Crystal.


▣ Upcoming Explorer Club – Mercenary System Changes

- Mercenary System will be changed to Expedition System on JUN 19th, 2018.
- If the mercenary you dispatched before the maintenance has not returned, you will be rewarded based on mercenary’s progress at the start of maintenance.
**The amount of reward you receive will be based on the progress of your dispatched Mercenary at the start of maintenance. Any random bonus rewards that you receive will be excluded.
- Reward will be sent to the mailbox of the first character you log in with after the maintenance on JUN 19th, 2018. (Reward box is Account-bound.)


▣ Seria’s Meteor Shop will be closed.

- Seria’s Meteor Shop will be closed after the JUN 19th, 2018 maintenance.


▣ Auction Items Returned

- All items up for auction before the maintenance will be returned to you after the maintenance on JUN 19th, 2018.


▣ End of Arena Season 2

· Season 2 will end on JUN 19th, 09:00 UTC, and final RP ranking will be determined at this time.


▣ Skill Reset

Due to character changes, skills of the following classes will be reset.



Gunner (M)


Gunner (F)


Fighter (M)


Fighter (F)


Mage (M)

Dimension Walker

Dark Knight

Dark Knight


Thank you.

- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team -


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