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The 3rd DFO Fanart Contest Winners


Aug 31, 2018 (UTC)

Greetings adventurers,
The 3rd DFO fanart contest has ended and we would like present the winners of the contest!
Every time we have a fanart contest, we take great pleasure in looking through each and every entry created by our talented adventurers!
The amount of hardwork and dedication that went into all of the entries is nothing short of astounding!

As always, DFO's development and operation teams have selected the winning entries.
Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the talented adventurers who participated in the event!

Please see the winning entries below!



[Grand Prize]

Spiritual Refreshment After Troubleshoot / IGN:Roudo (Cain)



[Excellence Reward]

GodFather  Seria (and her Dusk Wings)
Girinsho (Cain)
Goodbye old friend
stansvan (Cain)
Female Specialist
Nagisa (Cain)
Meeting in the Moonlight Tavern
MugenGekkou (Cain)
Here Comes The Winter Count!
EXObreaker (Cain)
the culling of the weak
Coccyx (Cain)
Strictly Business
Zips (Cain)
Gun and Blade
Seye (Cain)
Secret Agents Role
lGSKl (Cain)
Meet  the  A-Team
VoidRoar (Cain)



Title IGN
agent and his lifu LennethV
Danjun as an Agent Yaseri
Make Agent Be a Loli SweetYumeko
Bad Memories BerserkerGB
El Troubleshooter RockDandy
Sexy Grandpa Extravaganza LaDameSpiral
Chibi Agent - Secret Agent KaZeNoKo
Dad makes a big boom MrDadGuy
Breakthrough Karalle
Wood-Burnings of the four Agents lBigDaddyl
Hitman SeogYang
Troubleshooter/ Specialist Mang000
Surprise Present from Troubleshooter KFCyaya
Mission accepted. ChinSoa
DFO_Agent TheUmai
MGunner but Older LunarHikari
DFO Agents mememememee
Iconoclasts Paratrooper
My waist... Perappu



▣ Offline Merchandise Shipping

All winners will need to send us the information below to to receive their prizes. This information must be given to us before SEP 12, 2018. If you do not submit your information within the given timeframe, you will not receive your offline merchandise.


  • Grand Prize, Excellence Reward Winner
Postal Address  
Real Name  
Contact #  
Server and IGN  
Prize Grand Prize or Excellence Reward
Original Work In order to verify the authenticity of the work, plesae submit the original PSD of your work.
Avatar Screenshot for Custom Figure Equip the avatars that you want to be created as a figure. Then, take a screenshot of Avatar Inventory Tab as shown below and send it to us.
Character Stand Design Select your character stand design. If you do not select any, the default one will be given.
Weapon or Weapon Avatar Name (Optional) For weapons or weapon avatars, please write the name of the item as well.
Other Requests Please write anything you would like to suggest regarding the design of the figure.


  • Runner-up Winner
Postal Address  
Real Name  
Contact #  
Server and IGN  
Prize Runner-up
Original Work In order to verify the authenticity of the work, plesae submit the original PSD of your work.
Preferred Basic Figure Please select 1 of the 15 basic figures that you would like to receive.



▣ In-game Reward

'The Awakened Ones' Avatar Box[Agent]' and Clone Rare Avatar Full Set Box will be sent during the SEP 18th maintenance.

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