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Scheduled Maintenance NOV 6, 2018


Nov 05, 2018 (UTC)


Server is now open! See you in the world of Arad!

Due to technical difficulties, maintenance will be extended for 1 more hour.

UTC (Universal Time Coordinated): NOV 6, 04:00 – 13:00
KST (Korean Standard Time): NOV 6, 13:00 – 22:00
PST (Pacific Standard Time): NOV 5, 20:00 –  NOV 6, 05:00
EST (Eastern StandardTime): NOV 5, 23:00 – NOV 6, 08:00

We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on NOV 6, 2018(UTC). Further details regarding the maintenance are listed below for your reference. 
UTC (Universal Time Coordinated): NOV 6, 04:00 – 12:00
KST (Korean Standard Time): NOV 6, 13:00 – 21:00
PST (Pacific Standard Time): NOV 5, 20:00 –  NOV 6, 04:00
EST (Eastern StandardTime): NOV 5, 23:00 – NOV 6, 07:00

Maintenance notes

< Contents & Events >
- Fantastic Jumping Server
- Danjin’s Lucky Pot
- Jump Your Way to Raid and Epics!
- Turkmagotchi

< Sales >
- Item of the Month
- White Beast Package

< Changes/fixes >
- Fixed an issue where Epic Transcendent Stone was not working properly.
- Dragon Force Weapon Avatars will be restored to affected players during today’s maintenance.
- Expiry date has been added to Mileage Elemental Beads. (NOV 20th)
- Mileage Elemental Beads will be replaced with new items on NOV 20th.
(Main mileage rewards will be updated periodically.)
- Neo Premium Contract removed from Neo Premium Vending Machine.

* As our EULA has changed, you will be prompted to read and agree to the EULA when logging in through the game launcher.

* Requirements for increasing daily/monthly purchase limit will be changed for each account.
- Daily/monthly purchase limits apply differently for different accounts.
- You can see the changed purchase limits and purchase terms in Purchase Cera > Review Purchase.
- To implement the changed purchase limit, the monthly purchase limit will be reset during NOV 6th maintenance.

* Seria's Support 1 and Seria's Support 2 quest will be added for new accounts.
- Both quests are available at level 90.
- Quests will only appear for accounts that have met certain requirements. For some accounts, these quests must be cleared to purchase CERA or increase purchase limits.
- More details on increasing purchase limit can be found on the Purchase Cera > Review Purchase page.

* Rewards for the following events will be given out during the NOV 6th maintenance.
1. Facebook: Beast Dungeon Promotional Video Tag/Share
2. Instagram: #DFOBeast event

Thank you.

- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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