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Official Statement Regarding Neo Premium Contract Removal


Nov 14, 2018 (UTC)


Dear Dungeon Fighter Online Adventurers,


We understand that many of you are upset about the recent removal of the Neo Premium Contract from the Neo Premium Vending Machine. We would like to offer our deepest apologies for the confusion this has caused by failing to inform the community in advance. With that said, please allow us to explain why we had to remove the Neo Premium Contract from the Neo Premium Vending Machine.

The Neo Premium Contract Trial (7-days), which can be purchased with gold, was added to the CERA Shop to allow new adventurers to try it and have an easier time during their first week of adventure. Additionally, Neo Premium Contract in the Neo Premium Vending Machine was a way for us to provide a small bonus to adventurers who enjoys playing our game.

However, it has recently come to our attention that gold farming bots and accounts are able to infinitely extend the period of this paid product and exploit it, to quickly and easily obtain gold. As a result, the amount of gold being produced has increased beyond our expectations and the in-game economy has been negatively impacted. 

In light of this, we had no choice but to remove Neo Premium Contract from the Cera Shop and the Neo Premium Vending Machine. We would truly appreciate your understanding on this matter, as we felt this had to be done in order to keep a sound in-game economy in the long run.

As part of our apology and as a token of our gratitude to the players, we will be sending out Neo Premium Contract Plus (7 Days) to adventurers who login after NOV 20th maintenance. We will also be increasing the amount of Terranium that replaced the Neo Premium Contract in the Neo Premium Vending Machine. 

Lastly, as many of you who have been with us since the beginning may know, we have a limited amount of resources and it is very difficult for us to create exclusive content. However, we are still working hard to bring content suited for the global community, and we hope you will think of this in good light.


Thank you for your love and support!

-    Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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