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Recruiting Community Advisors [Complete]


Feb 26, 2019 (UTC)


Thanks to everyone who sent in their applications for the CA position! We were surprised to see so many passionate and dedicated adventurers and had a really hard time choosing just two of you. After carefully reviewing every single application, we have chosen two adventurers below to join our CA team!

Please welcome [~Isanaki~] and Arkhangelos! They will be helping players alongside Necrofancy and Rundelhous to make DFO community a better place!

You can identify them in-game by their IGN or the Community Advisor title.

Thank you.

-Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


Greetings, adventurers!


We are currently seeking two additional Community Advisors to assist us with our wonderful community! Candidates must be motivated and passionate towards making improvements to the DFO community. Please read below and apply if you think you are a good fit!

 < Expectations of a Community Advisor >
 - Must be active in various DFO communities (discord, reddit, in-game, etc.)
 - Uphold the rules enforced by Neople
 - Provide a helping hand on community temperature reports
 - Provide constructive suggestions and feedbacks about in-game contents
 - Assist newer players in-game


  < Qualification >
- Good reputation within the community
- Arad Explorer Club Lv. 15 or above


 < Compensation >
- Community Advisors (4 people): 3,300 Cera/mo.
- Community Advisor Title



Please fill in the application below along with a cover letter and send it to  *DEADLINE* : MAR 7th, 2019 UTC

DFO Community Advisor Application Form
Explorer Club Lv.  
Active Forum  
Forum ID  
Gameplay Hours (Timezone)  
Skype ID  
In-game Expertise PvP, PvE, Dress-up, etc.

Thank you.

- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team –

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