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Notice Regarding Hall of Fashion Package Event


Oct 14, 2020 (UTC)


Greetings DFO adventurers,


We would like to you inform you about our Hall of Fashion Package event. Through this event, we had hoped to present our adventurers with a fun, hands-on experience of being directly and actively involved in judging the outcome of a DFO event. The objective of the event was to encourage adventurers to participate in building the world of DFO themselves, allowing everyone to express their fondness and passion for DFO. However, upon assessing the current state of the event, it is undeniable that the event has diverged into an event that neither encompasses nor encourages the original spirit we had in mind. We are fully aware that our team is responsible for how the event has transpired by not having sufficiently prepared for the event.


We failed to provide clear criteria and rules involving the voting process, leading to the confusion of both the participants of the event and that of voters. As a result, votes that were hard to deny as illicit were introduced. We deeply apologize for bringing about such a result by not having been more careful in regards to the planning and execution the event.


Additionally, controversy and arguments regarding the voting process ensued, which ultimately ended in hurting many members of our community. As providers of the global service of DFO, we strive to maintain a globally open and respectful perspective of each and every one of our adventurers. We are doubly appalled and ashamed that our ineptness has led to hateful dialogue in terms of race, culture, and nationality. Once again we deeply apologize for our failure to provide a transparent voting process which resulted in incidents that were hurtful to many adventurers.


It is with a heavy heart that we announce that we have decided to postpone the Hall of Fashion Package event. We deeply regret having to disappoint many adventurers who have been avidly waiting for the results of this event. We ask for your understanding and forbearance as this decision was made after much deliberation in the hopes of providing our adventurers with an improved, more enjoyable version of the event.


The event is currently being planned to recommence after the NOV 3rd maintenance for a month. We hope to be able reintroduce an improved version of the event to our community by acknowledging and retracing the original event’s problems. We will announce the event in a more official manner while providing clear rules and procedures regarding both the voting process and the event in general.


We deeply apologize once again for the inconvenience we have caused by not having prepared the event properly, and also for disappointing our community by postponing the event. We will strive to live up to our community’s expectations by returning with better events and service.


Thank you.


-Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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