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Notice Regarding Hall of Fashion Event Rerun


Nov 02, 2020 (UTC)


Greeting DFO Adventurers,


We are pleased to announce that the Hall of Fashion Event will soon be recommencing.
Details and changes regarding the event and participation are as follows.



<Event Period>
NOV 3 2020 – NOV 30 2020


<Avatar Market - Hall of Fashion>
A “Hall of Fashion” category made for registering Hall of Fashion Event entries will be added on the NOV 3 maintenance.


<Participation Conditions>

Avatar Entries
-    Adventurers who wish to register their Avatars for the Hall of Fashion Event must label their Avatars as part of the #Hall of Fashion category depicting a #cute theme by using the according hashtags. Avatars that do not have these hashtags will not be considered as entries.
-    Any entries that use collaboration Avatar pieces or are cosplay-related/infringe on any copyrights will not be eligible. 
-    Any entries that have been found to have procured votes through means that are judged to be unjust or illicit will immediately be disqualified.
-    Any Avatars or Adventurers with entries that incite or encourage any degree of discrimination or social unrest based on religion, politics, race, gender, nationality, and etc. will immediately be disqualified.

** All entries will be subject to judgement by our Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team regarding their legitimacy along with their allocated votes.

-    Votes can be made once per account by characters that are at least Level 100.


<Event Prizes>

Grand Prize
-    The Avatar to receive the most votes overall will be made into an SD Creature.
-    This SD Creature will be released by early 2021.

Runner-Up Prize
-    The top 3 Avatars to receive the most votes overall will be made into Emoticons.
-    These Emoticons will be released by early 2021.

Class Winner Prize
-    Users with Avatars that receive the most votes for each class will receive the next Package to be released.



We hope many Adventurers have fun voting for and showing off their #cute Avatars during this season’s run of the Hall of Fashion Event. Please keep in mind that this event may be reiterated in the future, so participants will have another chance at becoming a part of the DFO world!


Thank you. 


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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