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Notice Regarding DFO Web Store Purchases *UPDATED*


Nov 15, 2020 (UTC)


Greetings DFO adventurers,


We would like to inform you of the following issues regarding the DFO Web Store.



We have confirmed that some Adventurers have purchased items through the DFO Web Store that was made visible to the public during NOV 13 to NOV 15. We would like to inform you that this was not intentional, and that the DFO Web Store is now once again inaccessible.


Please note that any items purchased during the period mentioned above will remain in your DFO Web Store Inbox page. Adventurers will be able to be send these items to their characters when the DFO Web Store is fully released after the maintenance on NOV 17 UTC. 


** We regret to inform you that DFO Store Privilege requirements and calibration had not been fully implemented during the time that the Web Store was visible to Adventurers during the period mentioned above. Consequently, Adventurers have been able to purchase items from Privilege levels that were not intended, such as the Diamond Privilege promotional items.


DFO Store Privileges have now been fully calibrated as of NOV 17. Any promotional event items purchased by Adventurers of the incorrect Privilege level have had their items deleted from their inbox, and purchase count reset. Please note that you will be able to normally purchase any promotional event items once you meet the corresponding Privilege qualifications.


Adventurers whose Privilege levels have not changed after today’s final calibration and were able to purchase promotional items will still be able to send their items from their inbox to their mailbox as initially announced. Additionally, all purchases other than that of promotional items will be able to be sent from the inbox as initially announced. We apologize to all our Adventurers for the confusion.


We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.



- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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