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Known Issues after NOV 17 Maintenance


Nov 17, 2020 (UTC)


Below are the known issues after the maintenance on AUG 18.



1. Missing Skin Avatars from the Advent of Apostles’ Skin Avatar Box.

 - We have confirmed that some specific Skin Avatars choices currently cannot be obtained from the Skin Avatar Box that is included in the Advent of Apostles Package and Advent of Apostles Package (Lite). The missing skins will be added to the Skin Avatar Box during the next maintenance. We recommend refraining from opening the Skin Avatar Box in case your desired Skin color is currently unavailable.


2. Normal, Potent, and Omnipotent Advent of Apostle Weapon Avatars for Agents all visible only as Normal Weapon Avatars

- We have confirmed that the Advent of Apostle Weapon Avatars for Agents are currently all being displayed as Normal Weapon Avatars, regardless of actual Potency. This issue is planned to be fixed soon.


3. Purchases made through the DFO Web Store during NOV 13 – NOV 15 not being able to be sent from the DFO Web Store Inbox to the in-game Mailbox.

- We have confirmed that there is an error regarding several premature purchases made during the said period. Although the cause is yet to be found, please note that we are currently investigating the issue as our utmost priority.


4. Protected/Restricted Account DFO Store Privilege

- We have confirmed that there are users who are currently flagged as Protected or Restricted Accounts despite having purchased CERA regularly or in large amounts. This may be due to a payment history that has records of chargeback. Please note that any amount of chargeback that has occurred at any point during DFO service will result in an account being flagged as Protected or Restricted. We ask Adventurers who wish to settle their chargebacks and restore their account status to please send us a support ticket.


We apologize for the inconveniences that have been caused.



Thank you.


-Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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