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Hall of Fashion Event Winner Announcement


Dec 14, 2020 (UTC)


Greetings DFO Adventurers,


During the event period of NOV 3 to NOV 30, we have watched and felt great joy as many Adventurers visited the Avatar Market and participated in the Hall of Fashion event.
We would like to thank all our Adventurers who have taken part in the Hall of Fashion Event, and are pleased to announce the following Adventurers as our winners!


Grand Prize (IGN: Nuri)

-    The Avatar to receive the most votes overall will be made into an SD Creature.
-    This SD Creature will be released by early 2021.


Runner-Up Prize (IGN: Nuri, Mary, HolyMary)

-    The top 3 Avatars to receive the most votes overall will be made into Emoticons.
-    These Emoticons will be released by early 2021.


Class Winner Prize

-    The following users with Avatars that received the most votes for each class will receive an Advent of Apostles Package during the DEC 15 maintenance.

Slayer (M) / Dark Knight ShinKaizen
Slayer (F)     YuumiQAQ
Fighter (M) TNevens
Fighter (F) Hope9
Gunner (M) HayReno
Gunner (F) SongHaNa
Mage (M) Kooriaisu
Mage (F) Mary
Priest (M) MrLumberJack
Priest (F) HolyMary
Thief RoseNavi
Knight Nuri
Demonic ToyotaTacoma
Agent SuchAnoob


**Please note that all Avatar entries that did not meet the event entry criteria (e.g. entries using colloboration Avatar pieces, cosplay Avatars, untagged entries) were excluded from the judging process.


Thank you.



- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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