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Jewel of Destiny List


Mar 17, 2021 (UTC)


Greetings, DFO Adventurers!


The following table lists the skills of each Advancement for which Jewels from the Jewel of Destiny event can be obtained.

We hope you obtain the Jewels you wish for and have fun playing DFO!


Male Slayer Female Slayer Male Fighter Female Fighter Male Gunner Female Gunner Thief
Flowing Stance - Swift Illusion Sword Lightning Leg Strike Nen Bead Moving Shot Moving Shot Lightning Arrow
Flip Side Counter Flash Nen Shot Nen Shot Windmill+Mach Kick Topspin Kick+Needle Sobat Hurricane
Charge Crash Ascent Doppelganger Doppelganger Western Fire Western Fire Breaking Rush
Thrust Liberate - Buckshot Torpedo Crushing Fist M-137 Gatling Gun M-137 Gatling Gun Soul Lure
Moonlight Slash Shadow Clone Close Kick One Inch Punch M-3 Flamethrower M-3 Flamethrower Dead Man's Grudge
Phantom Sword Slash Shadow Harvest Tornado Kick Tornado Kick Laser Rifle Laser Rifle Dark Nail
Tombstone Soaring Blades - Draw Explosive Hook Explosive Hook RX-78 Land Runner RX-78 Land Runner Flame Tornado
Raging Fury Wild Thrash Raging Vulcan Raging Vulcan EX-S Viper EX-S Viper Spiral Wheel Kunai
Bloody Twister Blade Retraction Needle Throw Hidden Stinger G-2 Rolling Thunder G-2 Rolling Thunder Fire Art: Fireball
Mountainous Wheel Gyre Grab Cannon Grab Cannon G-3 Raptor G-3 Raptor Shadow Trip
Ghost Orb Cutting Palms Shoulder Tackle Shoulder Tackle G-35L Flash Bang G-35L Flash Bang Shadow Cut
Asura Spirit Crescent Explosive Sword Slam Kick Spiral Cross Fire Cross Fire Heart Thrust
Fire Wave Sword       Buster Shot Buster Shot  
Ice Wave Sword G-18C Freeze Grenade G-18C Freeze Grenade
Drive Slash    
Dyad: Half Moon Slash
Ghost Step


Male Mage Female Mage Male Priest Female Priest Knight Demonic Lancer Agent
Rapid Fire Fire Pillar Blades of Purity Christening Light Overwhelm Behead Surprise Cut
Infernal Road The Void Spear of Victory Spear of Victory Sentence Brandish Concentrated Fire
Chain Lightning Sun Burst Crashing Cross Saint Wall Verdant Sword Impact Smash Agile Maneuver
Crystal Crash Ice Walls Machine Gun Jab Flege's Essence Fancy Twist Axial Vortex Full Moon Ripper
Dark Zone Spirit Sacrifice Exquisite Combo Punishing Wallop Horde Charge Mirage Stance Moonshine Ripper
Broken Arrow Greater Spirit: Flame Hulk Sidewind Christening Fire Resonance Double Punto Romantic Dash
Grand Shatter Greater Spirit: Glaerin Giant Weapon Launcher Exorcistic Plasma Forgiveness Servant Lance: Assault Diffusion Burst
Ice Lance Greater Spirit: Dead Murker Holy Amulet Dragon's Fury Sweeping Wave Wing Skewer G-CTF
Hellberus Greater Spirit: Aquarius Crucifix Wind Power Orb Wrath Buffalo Fall Rolling Move
Shikari Dragon Fang Thunder Mine Pride Axel Knuckle Blaster Servant Lance: Engager Rotation Wave
Fang Full Swing Thorn of Protection Rolling Rush Spinning Raid Dark Spiral Lance Electric Pillar
Sonic Move Punto Wave Shadow Render Slothful Body Piercing Horn Despair Exocet
Sweeping Wind Chaser Launcher       Dark Barrier  
Wind Blaster Devolution Flyswatter  
Dimension: Dimensional Laser Enhanced Magic Missile
Divergence: Forbidden Nyarly Gravitas
Dimension: Dimension Leap Harvest
  Bramble Prison
Madd Mad Slash



Thank you.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team 

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