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Recruiting Community Advisor


Jun 15, 2021 (UTC)


Greetings, Adventurers!


We are currently seeking a Community Advisor to assist us in interacting with our wonderful community! Candidates must be motivated and passionate towards making improvements regarding DFO and its community. Please read the following details and apply if you think you are a good fit!


 < Expectations of a Community Advisor >
 - Must be active in various DFO communities (Discord, Reddit, in-game, etc.)
 - Must uphold the rules and policies enforced by Neople
 - Willing to participate in creating community reports
 - Willing to provide constructive suggestions and feedback regarding the game and its content
 - Willing to assist in the implementation and execution any community-related events/procedures
 - Willing to assist newer players in-game


< Qualification >
- Must be a dedicated and regular player of DFO
- Must have comprehensive knowledge in most or all fields of the game
- Must have a positive reputation within the community
- Arad Explorer Club must be Lv. 15 or above


 < Monthly Compensation >
- 3,300 CERA
- 50 Skeleton Keys
- Neo Premium + (30 Days)
- 50 Kaleido Boxes
- 10 Guide of Wisdom Tickets
- Community Advisor Title


Please fill in and send us your application through the following link:



Thank you.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team 

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