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Notice Regarding DFO Hero Academy Event Abuse (2) *UPDATED*


Jun 30, 2021 (UTC)


Greetings Adventurers,


We would like to inform you of the following measures regarding abuse of the "Altimate Power Leveling 3.0 - DFO Hero Academy" event.


1. Although the standard procedure for abusing event features would be to enforce account bans, the illicit items obtained through the event have been confiscated and event rewards reissued.

2. Accounts that have utilized multiple characters to Transcend multiple +12 Reinforced, +8 Refined Weapons will be issued the original event reward Weapon Box once per account. Such users must send us a ticket at with the IGN of the character they wish to receive the reward with. Details regarding when the reward will be reissued to these accounts will be posted in the near future.

3. We will continue monitoring the situation, and will take reasonable action to ensure fairness in cases where items were issued/received unfairly.

4. Players who have selected/created Event Characters prior to the JUN 30 emergency maintenance and wish to reselect their Event Character can send us a ticket at to have their current Event Character deleted during the JUL 13 maintenance, thus allowing the reselection of another Event Character. However, reward items that have been obtained must be intact and in the character's possession. Accounts with event rewards that have been altered (Inherited, Transcended) will not be eligible to have their Event Character deleted.


Thank you.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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