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Blitz Bead Event


Jul 13, 2021 (UTC)

Greetings DFO Adventurers,


We sincerely apologize for the issues caused by our event and the following emergency maintenance.
Please accept this gift that we have prepared as a small token of our apology.

You will be able to obtain a Weapon Bead Box during the Blitz Bead Event taking place during the following periods.

1st Period: JUL 17, 09:00 UTC – JUL 20, 08:59 UTC
2nd Period: JUL 24, 09:00 UTC – JUL 27, 08:59 UTC

Adventurers that login during the periods above will be able to receive their item once per account by clicking the HUD icon.

Item Description

Contains a Blitz Weapon Bead (Fire/Water/Light/Shadow Elemental Damage, All Stats)
of your choice. Bead is given as account-bound.

- Bead Options -
Blitz Bead (Weapon)(Fire) - Fire Elemental Damage + 15
Blitz Bead (Weapon)(Water) - Water Elemental Damage +15
Blitz Bead (Weapon)(Light) - Light Elemental Damage +15
Blitz Bead (Weapon)(Shadow) - Shadow Elemental Damage +15
Blitz Bead (Weapon)(All Stats) - STR/INT +75, VIT/SPR +50
Blitz Weapon Bead Box


# Please note

  • All items are deleted at 09:00, AUG 10, 2021 UTC.
  • Accounts that have obtained the item during the first round will not be able to obtain it during the second round.


Thank you.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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