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Twitch Drops Guide & FAQ


Nov 08, 2021 (UTC)

Twitch Drops have finally arrived for DFO!

Link your Twitch and DFO account to receive rewards by viewing DFO streams on Twitch!



What are Twitch Drops?

Twitch Drops are rewards that are given to users who watch drops-enabled Twitch Streams.
Now that you can connect your DFO game account to your Twitch account, by watching DFO streams



How do I connect my DFO Account to my Twitch Account?

To receive Twitch Drops rewards for DFO, you must connect your DFO account to your Twitch Account.
Please follow the steps listed in the Twitch Drops connection page

If you do not have a game account, you can create one here



Which Twitch streams do I need to watch to get Drops rewards?

Currently, DFO Drops are streamer-specific. Channels that have DFO Drops enabled include the official DFO channel, official DFO Content Creator channels, as well as influencers. When a Twitch Drops event is in progress, you can check the list of streamers at the event notice: Twitch Drops Stream Schedule



How can I check my progress towards Drops rewards?

You can track your progress on the Twitch Drops Inventory page



Can I earn drops faster by watching more than one channel at a time?

No, you will only be eligible to count time towards a Drop reward for one Drops-activated channel at a time. For example, viewing two scheduled DFO streams at the same time during the event will not count as participating in both.


However, the time spent viewing DFO streams listed in the event page at different times will still count towards your accumulated Drops reward conditions. For example, viewing a DFO drops enabled channel for 30 minutes, then changing to view another DFO drops enabled channel for 30 minutes will be counted as 1 hour earned.


Also, when viewing multiple Drops activated streams of different game titles, time will only be counted for the game title viewed first.



How do I claim my Drop reward?

Once you have earned a Drop on Twitch, you must manually claim your Drop. Click “Claim” within the Chat window of the participating stream channel, or in your Drops Inventory

Please note, if there are multiple rewards, you must claim the previous reward in order to start earning progress towards the next reward. For example, after reaching the 1-hour reward, you must claim the reward in order to start claiming the 2-hour reward.



How do I send my Drop reward to my DFO account?

Once claimed on Twitch, you must access the ongoing DFO drops event page. From the event page, click [Claim Reward] under the applicable reward. You will then be prompted to select the Server and Character to send the in-game reward to. You will need to own a DFO account and already have an existing character in order to receive the reward.

If the [Claim Reward] button is not activated, please refresh the event page, click the [See Rewards] button again,
and check that you have the correct Twitch account linked to your DFO account.


Please claim and send your rewards to your account within the event period- rewards from Twitch Drops events are only for a limited time. If you do not receive your rewards within the designated period, you will not be able to receive them.



How do I unlink or change my Twitch and DFO account?

To remove the links between your Twitch and DFO account, you must ensure that you complete the following actions.
A failure to completely remove all links between accounts can result in not properly receiving your rewards:


  1. Unlink DFO from Twitch by clicking the [Disconnect button] from the DFO Twitch Drops connection page:
  2. Find DFO listed under ‘Other Connections’ and click ‘Disconnect’ from your Twitch account page:


Please note that changing your Twitch password after the account has been connected may disconnect the account.
Should you change your Twitch account password, please relink your Twitch and DFO account.



I linked the wrong Twitch and DFO account. Can I still receive Drops if I re-link my Twitch/DFO account to another Twitch/DFO account?

Drops rewards can only be received once.

If you have already sent rewards to a character in your DFO account, both the associated Twitch account and DFO account will not be eligible to participate in the Drops event again. Please make sure to link the correct Twitch and DFO account to participate in a Drops event and properly receive rewards.


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