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The 7th DFO Fanart Contest Reward Information


Nov 23, 2021 (UTC)

Greetings, DFO adventurers!


To celebrate the update of Spectre, we are holding our official 7th Fanart Contest!

We have prepared exclusive offline goods as well as tons of game rewards, so show off your skills!

7th DFO Fanart Contest Page


◎ Rewards

Grand Prize

(1 Winner)

Excellence Reward

(4 Winners)


(10 Winners)

  • Seraph Nendoroid
  • Dark Templar Pixel Figurine
  • DFO 3rd Art Book
  • Character OST
  • Skeleton Keys x 3000
  • Clone Weapon Avatar
  • Rare Clone Avatar  Set
  • Seraph Nendoroid
  • Character OST
  • Skeleton Keys x 1000
  • Clone Weapon Avatar
  • Rare Clone Avatar  Set
  • Skeleton Keys x 300
  • Clone Weapon Avatar
  • Rare Clone Avatar Set


◎ Seraph Nendoroid

Seraph Nendoroid produced by Goodsmile company is one of the main prizes for Grand & Excelllence reward winners.

This is a limited edition Nendoroid that cannot be purchased separately at this time.


◎ Dark Templar Pixel Figure

A small pixel figure of the Dark Templar!

These 3D-printed pixel figures are no longer made, so you'll be the owner of the last one!


◎ Dungeon & Fighter Character Theme OST

This is an OST album with DNF Character Theme songs of KDNF.


◎ DFO 3rd Art Book

This is an artbook containing many high quality DFO illustrations.
From the popular 2nd awakening illustrations to many unreleased drawings of Pandemonium Rift, you will be amazed at the quality of the drawings in this book!
It also comes with specially created DFO illustration post cards!
If you love the artwork in DFO, this book is a must have!


> Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. CHARACTER - 04
  • Chapter 2. DUNGEON - 104
  • Chapter 3. BACKGROUND - 120
  • Chapter 4. NPC - 140
  • Chapter 5. MONSTER - 150
  • Chapter 6. GLOBAL -178


[Artbook cover]

[Various original illustrations]

[Character concept at early stage]

[Never-before-seen Illustrations & Background/object making process]


◎ Clone Weapon Avatar (Untradable)


Clone Weapon Avatar replicates currently equipped Weapon Avatar and has 2 Multi-colored Emblem Sockets.

◎ Rare Clone Avatar Full Set (Untradable)

Full set (8 pieces) of Rare Clone Avatars.

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