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Scheduled Maintenance MAR 22, 2022 (EXTENDED)


Mar 21, 2022 (UTC)


We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on MAR 22, 2022 (UTC). Further details regarding the maintenance are listed below for your reference.


UTC (Universal Time Coordinated): MAR 22, 05:00 – MAR 22, 15:00
KST (Korean Standard Time): MAR 22, 14:00 – MAR 23, 00:00
PST (Pacific Standard Time): MAR 21, 21:00 – MAR 22, 07:00
EST (Eastern Standard Time): MAR 22, 00:00 – MAR 22, 10:00


< Contents & Events >
- Elven Rush
- Elven Ring


< Sales >
- Classic Rare Avatar


< Changes/Fixes >
- Fixed an issue where the weekly and accumulative missions of the Restoration of Vandrassil event did not work properly for some users.
- Fixed the increased Atk. option for the Lv. 3/Special Guardians of the Forest Creature Basic Skill to increased damage, which is the same option that is applied to Elemental Lord Creatures.
- Removed the Overskill for Lv. 3/Special Guardians of the Forest Creatures and added Attack/Movement/Casting Speed +5% to the basic options.
- Fixed an issue where Guardians of the Forest Exclusive Green Creature Artifact options were not being applied properly.
- Fixed an Elven Tales progress bug, and overall rebalancing and refactoring of the event has been applied.
- The daily play count of Elven Tales has been changed to 5.
- Fixed an issue where the wrong item was displayed in the description for Lost Coins.
- Fixed an error in the description of the Dark Side Crest Converter.
- Fixed an issue where Seria's item Combine function could not be used.
- Fixed some minor text issues.


* Rewards for the following events will be given out during the FEB 22 maintenance.
- YouTube “DFO 7th Anniversary” Video Event
- MAR 18 DFO ExStream Rewards


Thank you.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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