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Scheduled Maintenance AUG 9, 2022 *UPDATED*


Aug 08, 2022 (UTC)


We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on AUG 9, 2022 (UTC). Further details regarding the maintenance are listed below for your reference.


UTC (Universal Time Coordinated): AUG 9, 05:00 – AUG 9, 13:00
KST (Korean Standard Time): AUG 9, 14:00 – AUG 9, 22:00
PDT (Pacific Daylight Time): AUG 8, 22:00 – AUG 9, 06:00
EDT (Eastern Daylight Time): AUG 9, 01:00 – AUG 9, 09:00


< Contents & Events >
- Hendon Myre Music Festival
- Summer Music Night!
- Blazing Laundromat


< Sales >
- Blazing Avatar Sales
- Seria’s Greeting Package
- Unstable Rift Contract


< Changes/Fixes >
- Fixed an issue where the Abyss Walker in Destroyed Castle of the Dead would not enter self-destruct mode.
- Neo: Premium Contract daily rewards have been changed to the following items: 60 Ryan Cores, 30 Harmonious Crystals (Untradable)
- Fixed an issue where some Lv. 95 Epic Recipes were unusable.
- Fixed an issue where All Elemental Damage option values were applied incorrectly to JUL 12 Hyperdimension Arad Package Titles.
-  All items registered on the Auction Hall will be returned during the maintenance.
- Fixed some minor text issues.


* Rewards for the following events will be given out during the AUG 9 maintenance.

- AUG 5 DFO ExStream Rewards
- YouTube Developers’ Friendly Opening to the Lv. 110 Cap! Video Event


Thank you.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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