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Scheduled Maintenance AUG 23, 2022


Aug 22, 2022 (UTC)

We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on AUG 23, 2022 (UTC). Further details regarding the maintenance are listed below for your reference.


UTC (Universal Time Coordinated): AUG 23, 03:30 – AUG 23, 13:00
KST (Korean Standard Time): AUG 23, 12:30 – AUG 23, 22:00
PDT (Pacific Daylight Time): AUG 22, 20:30 – AUG 23, 06:00
EDT (Eastern Daylight Time): AUG 23, 23:30 – AUG 23, 09:00


<Contents & Events>
- DFO Parfait Tycoon
- Summer Splash Bullseye!
- Honey Time


- The DANJI Reform
- Special DANJI Deals


- Fixed an issue where certain Titles and Creature's Adventurer Fame was not displayed properly. The Titles and Creatures are as follows.

  • TO VALHALLA! +397 -> +491
  • Stormbringer Gloria +491 -> +601
  • Light Shooter Victoria +491 -> +601
  • Diana the Cradlesong +397 -> +601
  • Richard the Lionheart +397 -> +601


- Among the Welcome to Harlem [Platinum] titles, the Adventurer Fame of enchantment will be partially modified for buff skills.

  • +1 Buff Skill: +240
  • +2 Buff Skill: +370


- Fixed an error with the clear card gold value of Lv. 110 normal dungeons.
- The "Add to Cart" function will be limited only for items with a monthly purchase limit among items that can be purchased with gold in the Sera Shop.
- Fixed an issue where the waist avatar of the 3rd Generation Legacy Rare Avatar of the female slayer could not be obtained in the Blazing Laundromat event.
- Fixed an issue where wearing the hat of the Male Fighter's Hidden Avatar of the Spirits of the Plain Special Rare Avatar of the Blazing Laundromat event abnormally displayed the idle motion.
- Fixed an issue where certain characters were unable to enter the Training Center.
- Fixed an issue where Lv. 105 weapon shape items were unable to be registered in the Auction Hall.
- Fixed an issue where the Beast Dungeon was not displayed.
- Fixed an issue where the daily quest of the Castle of the Dead of Lv. 85 characters could not be proceeded.
- Fixed some minor text issues.




We have opened a Black Market event to express our apologies for the various issues that have occurred recently.


Black Market is a temporary store for adventurers who need assistance in their smooth gaming experience.
We provide the following items through Black Market, so we hope that many of you can participate.


■ Black Market Sale Items ■
- All-In-One Box: Can be purchased once per account
- Soap Box (50): Can be purchased once per account

Sale Period: ~ 09:00, SEP 6, 2022 UTC.


* Rewards for the following events will be given out during the AUG 23 maintenance.

- AUG 19 DFO ExStream Rewards
- DFO X DNF Duel Tournament Rewards
- Twitter Himan Stella Summer Festival Event


Thank you.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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