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DFO Live Wallpapers Released *UPDATED DEC 14*


Dec 22, 2022 (UTC)

Greetings Adventurer,

We would like to announce that three beautiful DFO Live Wallpapers have been released!

Get ready for cuteness overload!




What is a Live Wallpaper?

A Live Wallpaper is an animated wallpaper for your Windows desktop.

You can use the Live Wallpaper by downloading the 'Wallpaper Engine' application from STEAM. 


※ Please note, 'Wallpaper Engine' is not a free application.
※ The DFO Live Wallpapers can be downloaded and used for free if you own 'Wallpaper Engine'.






Unsure about the Live Wallpapers? Come, let's preview the three new wallpapers below!




Snow Mage




Himan Stella's Diary




Horrendous Astaros




Meister's Laboratory




Meister Tenebe




Piano in the Forest - Seria




Piano in the Forest - Danjin








Special Harmony



Archer(Muse) Neo: Awakening



Archer(Muse) - Ani ver.



Arad Friends(Danjin24)



Archer(Traveler) Neo: Awakening



Lemidia Basilica



Classical Music with Arad Friends



Morning in Seon




Moonlight Tavern


We hope you enjoy these new Wallpapers!
Stay tuned, and follow our Live Wallpaper account STEAM as we will be releasing more Live Wallpapers in the future!


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