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Scheduled Maintenance FEB 21, 2023 (Extended)


Feb 20, 2023 (UTC)

We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on FEB 21, 2023 (UTC). Further details regarding the maintenance are listed below for your reference.


UTC (Universal Time Coordinated): FEB 21, 02:00 – FEB 21, 16:00
KST (Korean Standard Time): FEB 21, 11:00 – FEB 22, 01:00
PST (Pacific Standard Time): FEB 20, 18:00 – FEB 21, 08:00
EST (Eastern Standard Time): FEB 20, 21:00 – FEB 21, 11:00


< Contents & Events >
- The Machine Revolution: Total War
- Level-Up, Power-Up to Total War!
- Weekly Attendance With Danjin
- Advanced Dungeon Crawl!


< Sales >
- The Neo: Awakened Ones Package
- Canna’s Limited Sales Shop Season 6
- Mileage Shop Update
- DANJI Season 3
- DANJIN’s Pick of the Month


< Changes/Fixes >
- After the maintenance, The Machine Revolution: Total War will be temporarily open from FEB 21st (Tuesday) to FEB 22nd (Wednesday) 09:00 UTC, and the number of weekly entries will be deducted upon starting the dungeon.
- The dungeon is now cleared immediately when the monster dies in The Usurped Land, Ispins.
- Fixed an issue where the custom epic option 'Last Basic attack add Damage Value N for 10 sec.' did not activate for some characters.
- Fixed an issue where Safe Enhancement correction values were abnormally displayed.

= Some contents of the Mileage Shop will be changed. =
- Some components of the Faithful Material Pouch will be changed.
- The following items will be added to the Mileage Shop.



Trade Type

Purchase Limit


[M]Aura Emblem Transporter (Platinum/Multicolor)




Enables you to transfer Emblems from one Aura Avatar to another.

(The original Avatar will be destroyed.)

(Only Aura Avatars that both have a Platinum Emblem Socket and 2 Multicolor Emblem Sockets can transfer Emblems with each other.)

[M] Capella's Stigma Talisman Selection Box




Contains a Unique Talisman for an Advancement of your choice.

Obtained Talismans are untradable, and Runes for activating additional effects are applied randomly.

Please note: Multiple Talismans for the same skill cannot be equipped together.

[M] Unique Rune Selection Box




Contains a Unique Rune Selection Box for a class of your choice.

Through the class Unique Rune Selection Box, select an Advancement, then obtain a Unique Rune of your choice from one of the following types: Terra Cotta, Circle Mage, The Guardians, Ancient Library, or Second Pact.

(The Selection Box and its contents are issued as untradable.)


- Mileage will be saved from FEB 21, 2023 (after maintenance), and the earned mileage will expire on maintenance MAY 30, 2023, at the end of the season.

*  Item descriptions obtained through DANJI Stack rewards will be added and changed.
** Please note that DANJI Stacks will be reset on FEB 21.

The following items will be deleted from the DFO Web Store on MAR 7th, 2023 (UTC).
- Seria's Greeting Package [Welcome]
- Seria's Greeting Package [Growth]
- Awakened Ones All-in-One Package


Thank you.

- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team    

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