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A Message from Live Director Jong


Aug 04, 2023 (UTC)


This is Jong Min Park, the Live Director of DFO.


I would like to inform you of an anomaly that was discovered during our monitoring of DFO's in-game economy and the steps we have taken to address this issue.


Some adventurers may be aware of the incident of gross misconduct that happened within the Korean service of Dungeon & Fighter in September 2020. Since this incident, we have been examining and updating our internal security procedures on a regular basis.


It is with regret that I inform you that during our monitoring activities we tracked similar activities within Dungeon Fighter Online. We detected an account that held an unusual amount of a particular item, and upon further investigation we confirmed that administrative item creation rights had been exploited.



Before I proceed, I am deeply sorry for this sudden announcement that understandably, comes as a shock to our community.



Last year we learned that a previous member of the DFO team had misappropriated an operations account, used for processing CS requests, starting from 2020 to November 2022. The employee exploited the account's administrative rights and created items with high Gold value. These items were then sold through NPC shops on an alternate personal game account and converted into Gold for real-money-trading. The value converted from these unauthorized items has been confirmed to be near 7 trillion Gold.




Immediately after detection, all related administrative rights were promptly revoked. The in-game account used for the crime was sanctioned, and recovery measures were carried out to prevent further distribution of the Gold. We reported our findings to the authorities and continued to identify the owner of the game account in question.

Although we had been regularly monitoring the game’s economy and Gold production status even prior to the incident, the Gold in question had been masked and stored in the form of items from outdated content. These items were then converted in small amounts over many instances, which went undetected by the monitoring system that was in place at the time.

The offender's extensive knowledge of internal security systems allowed them to further evade detection for an extended period. As continuous measures were taken to fortify security processes after the KDNF incident, the anomaly was eventually detected. Even so, we are fully liable for the time it has taken to detect the activity, and we sincerely apologize.




Legal actions were promptly taken upon discovering the activity last November. Our priority was to notify our community immediately. However, we received legal advice to keep in confidence all information, as a premature announcement would have affected the proceedings of the ongoing investigation.

The situation was one that required rapid yet discrete measures, and due to the sensitive nature of the matter, our official notice was postponed until today. The offender has admitted to their crimes during the first trial held in Korea. Consequently, we received confirmation that a public notice would no longer affect the case, which has allowed us make this announcement.

I am truly sorry to our community- especially as this was a meticulously organized act of deceit by a former member of the DFO team. We condemn this criminal activity, and we are taking uncompromising legal action with a policy of zero-tolerance. We will make certain that the offender faces the consequences that befit the severity of their crime.




Lastly, my predecessor who was in charge at the time of the incident has taken responsibility for this issue, which led to my succession of managing the DFO service. As Live Director, I am fully committed to managing our systems and work processes to prevent similar problems going forth. I am determined to do everything in my power to provide a better game service, and to rebuild the trust our community has in us.



We are aware that this incident may have affected the individual gameplay of our users, and have decided that compensation was necessary with our apology, for our adventurers who have been playing DFO with sincerity and the best intentions.

These items are given not because we expect it to alleviate disappointment or mitigate the serverity of the incident, but as part of our deepest apologies for something that should not have happened. 


The items below can be received through the Seria's Special Shop starting from today. 

  • Rare Clone Avatar Full Set Box
  • Rare Weapon Clone Avatar Selection Box
  • Gold Emblem Full Set Selection Box
  • Platinum Emblem Selection Box
  • The Neo: Awakened Ones Avatar Selection Box (Look) (A - F Type)
  • The Neo: Awakened Ones Weapon Avatar Selection Box



I apologize for the incident, and for disappointing our adventurers. As the persons in charge of the DFO live service, myself and the DFO team take this matter with solemnity and grave responsibility.

Our top priority, now and going forward, is the work we are doing to provide rebuild your trust in us. We promise to provide further transparency, and take take all legal actions necessary to firmly resolve this matter.




Jong Min Park



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