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Notice Regarding Controller Support Policy


Aug 22, 2023 (UTC)


Greetings, Adventurers!


With the AUG 22 update, we are officially offering controller support. Along with this long-awaited feature, we expect many Adventurers are curious about the extent to which the built-in features and related programs of controllers can be used within DFO. We have prepared a FAQ-style guide to address questions our Adventurers may have.

This information applies not only to controllers but to all input devices such as mouse and keyboard, so please take a moment to read through our notice.


The focus of our policies regarding controllers and other devices are as follows:


1 .Most input devices (keyboard, mouse, controller, etc.) can be used without issues.
2. Functions or programs that perform actions on behalf of the player through these devices can cause security-related problems.
3. Macros (hotkeys, auto-fire, mapping, etc.) fall into the category above and thus may result in in-game restrictions.



Q: Can I use controllers with rapid-fire functions?
In DFO, we do not allow the use of programs, devices, or features that can affect the game beyond the operating system or input devices (keyboard, mouse, controller, etc.). Even if a permitted device or program is used, restrictions may be applied if they enable actions or functions which could lead to unfair advantages beyond those provided by the game, such as hacks or macros.

For example, a typical mouse and its related programs may be normal, but using macros within the program or device to gain an unfair advantage in the game and thus deviating from authorized program usage could result in a restriction due to unauthorized program usage.


In short, using a controller itself will not be a problem, but using rapid-fire (i.e. Turbo) functions could lead to usage restrictions.



Q: Are rapid-fire (Turbo) functions considered macros?
A macro refers to the use of alternative means (devices, programs, etc.) to perform actions that a person would otherwise have to input directly. It involves executing multiple actions with a single input or rapidly repeating specific actions, resulting in efficiency beyond normal human capabilities. DFO prohibits macros based on our operational policies.

Examples that fall under the category of macros include, but are not limited to:


Automatic gameplay
- Dungeon gameplay, shop purchases, equipment disassembling, profession material extraction, item opening, Auction Hall usage, chatting, etc. (all automated actions regardless of their nature)

Continuous input
- Achieving the effects of consecutive inputs with a single action

Input accelerators 
- Falls under the “Continuous input” category, but with the added advantage of speed exploits


The use of unauthorized programs/devices or engaging in unauthorized activities (hacks, macros, etc.) using authorized devices can lead to in-game restrictions as mentioned in our Terms of Service and Community Rules.



Additional FAQs

Q: Can I use hotkey/macro features supported by my keyboard or mouse?
A: No. Hotkey/macro features are considered unauthorized actions and can lead to game restrictions.


Q: A macro device vendor claims their product is approved and legal for use. Can I use it without issues?
A: No. Regardless of the legality of the device, DFO does not allow macro actions, and their usage can lead to game restrictions.


Q: Can I use the rapid-fire function on my controller?
A: No. Rapid-fire functions are a type of macro and can be considered as contributing to unfair play.


Q: Can I use built-in or externally provided macros with my controller?
A: No. Macros are unauthorized actions and can lead to game restrictions. External mapping programs are also unauthorized.


Q: Can I use an external mapping program with my controller?
A: No. Due to the update providing official controller support in DFO, external mapping programs will now fall under unauthorized programs. While the mapping program itself might not be problematic, its potential misuse for macros or automated gameplay has led to unfair gameplay in past accounts. We ask for your understanding regarding this policy.



Thank you for helping us maintain a fair gaming community, and we hope our Adventurers take note of this notice to continue keeping our game environment free of any unfair gameplay.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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