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Share Your Expertise! Winner Announcement


Aug 22, 2023 (UTC)

Greetings Adventurers,


We are happy to announce the winners of the [SHARE YOUR EXPERTISE!] event.
We would like to thank all Adventurers who took the time and effort to submit a guide.
Check out the guides below, written with love by fellow Adventurers and recommended by DFO!



Class Advancement IGN Guide Link
Fighter(M) Striker Jeffrey Jeffrey's Male Striker Guide
Jasure Male Fighter : A to Z
Fighter(F) Nen Master SakuraNoHana Female Fighter Compendium - A Guide to the Basics
Gunner(F) Launcher Taihou DFO Launcher(F) Guide ~Not very graphical edition~
Mage(M) Blood Mage Medrathis 110 Blood Mage Guide
Dimension Walker Morfema DFO Guide: Neo Dimension Walker
Mage(F) Witch Naome Witch Guide - A Manual to Operating Manatech Machines
Enchantress DangYeu 80% you need about Buffers
Priest(M) Crusader (Buffer) DangYeu 80% you need about Buffers
Priest(F) Crusader (Buffer) DangYeu 80% you need about Buffers
Shaman AbsentNight A Guide to the Wonderful Shaman
Mistress Azalena A Mistress Guide - The fruit of knowledge
Thief Necromancer Morfema Neo: Necromancer Commentaries
Archer Muse (Buffer) DangYeu 80% you need about Buffers
Icarus A Muse Guide
Sikrena Melodic Serendipity - A Guide to Muse
Muse (DPS) Khanjali Soloist: A Battle Muse Guide
Traveler lGSKl Subclass Guide: Traveler
PrincessYuzu Spreading Cheer with Traveler

Winners will be given a 'Adventuring Instructor's Honorable Reward Box' on AUG 22.
* Base Reward : Adventuring Instructor's Party Frame, Danji Pot Box


The guides include the following information:

  • Advancement Characteristics
  • Skill Tree
  • Talismans & Runes
  • Enchantment
  • Basic Gear
  • Buff Switching Gear
  • Avatar, Emblem, Creature, Title


Please note, there is no right answer for how to play your character and the author's opinions may differ from yours.
Take the tips and recommendations, and use incorporate them into your playstyle!


SHARE YOUR EXPERTISE event remains open for additional submissions.


  • We are prioritizing submissions for Character Advancements that are not on the list above! (ex. Dark Knight)
  • Please refer to the original event description for details on how to submit a guide.
  • Additional guides will be selected and added to the list regularly.
  • Adventurers' guides will also be posted in the DFO Comprehensive Guide page.
  • Additional winners will be given a 'Adventuring Instructor's Honorable Reward Box' during the applicable maintenance.


We look forward to seeing more of your guides!



- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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