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The 9th DFO Fanart Contest - Winners Announcement


Sep 14, 2023 (UTC)

Greetings, Adventurers!


We are happy to announce the winners of the 9th DFO Fanart Contest!


Thank you for blessing our community with another year of beautiful fanart. We would like to thank all participants for taking the time to create Archer artwork. Our team went through all the submitted works, and after careful consideration the following have been chosen as the winners. Thank you for your continued love and support!


[Grand Prize]

Stargaze Melody / Csyday




[Excellence Reward]

Archer Fanart

Shining Dream

Celestial Duet
Through the Fire and Flames





Please Enjoy My Music!

A Melody for the Stars

Traveler's Journey
Neo Traveler Vtuber Model **
Dreamer's Travel
Apocalypse Muse
Showtime! Harmony
Take to the Skies

Put Your Life on the Line

Stellar Drive

** The Adventurer 'Flarous' has provided a download link to their submission "Neo Traveler Vtuber Model" for other fans to use. Please download at your discretion.



▣ To All Winners of the Contest

All winners will need to send us the information below to to receive their prizes.
This information must be given to us before the maintenance SEP 19, 2023.
If you do not submit your information within the given timeframe, you will not receive your rewards!

IGN used when registering the Fanart
URL of your Fanart Post
Original work or the production process

# Please Note: 

  • Please keep your character and background layer separately when you submit your original file.
  • For entries that are not PSD files with separate layers, a video showing the creation process or layers must be submitted additionally.
  • Failing to send raw/original files within the period will result in disqualification.



▣ To Grand Prize, Excellence Reward Winners

The Grand Prize or Excellence Reward winners must send the following information to us to receive their offline merchandise.
This information will be used for shipping purposes only.

Shipping Address
Recipient's Real Name
Recipient's Contact Information

Your choice of DFO Goods (Choose 1)

- Bakal Desk Mat
- Dragonoid Acrylic Stand
- Gaebolg Bottle Opener
- Snowmage Cup

# Please Note: 

  • Depending on your country of residence, you may be asked to submit further personal information in order to receive the offline merchandise.



▣ In-game Reward Distribution Date

In-game rewards will be given on the SEP 19 maintenance once fanart proof has been submitted.

# Please Note: 

  • If you do not submit your information and original work within the given timeframe, you will not receive your in-game rewards.
  • All rewards expire on OCT 10, 09:00 UTC



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