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Director's Note - October 2023


Oct 19, 2023 (UTC)

Greetings, Adventurers! 


This is Jong Min Park, the Live Director of DFO.



It's been a few months since my last Neople Note, so I wanted to touch base on what we have planned for the remainder of the year.


We launched our API support on August 8th. Even up until the launch date, I was quite worried as a prior survey conducted earlier this year indicated that participants did not have the knowledge or the time to create something with API. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about as our Adventurers have created amazing results in under two months. The websites as well as the use of Discord Bots was a really interesting approach, and are things that I also use on a regular basis! I want to personally thank our Adventurers for their dedication in producing such great tools for our community.




Changes made to The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid on SEP 19

As most Adventurers are probably aware, when we had our Bakal Raid Hard Mode update on September 19th, we made adjustments to both Normal Mode and Hard Mode.


In Normal Mode, the HP of Boss Monsters was reduced. Additionally, we made adjustments to the Raid Shop so that 'Warped Dimension Cube Exchange Box'  could be exchanged for 1 'Warped Dimension Cube - Fiery Breath' instead of the original required 2 count, to allow for easier opportunities to get Warped Dimension Cubes.


With these changes in mind, let's now take a look at some statistics of Bakal Raid Hard Mode and Normal Mode!




The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Hard Mode Statistics

Entry Fame

The majority of characters had 46,000 ~ 47,000 Fame.


During the first week, most characters who participated in Hard Mode were in the 46,000 ~ 47,000 Fame range.

The second highest group were characters in the 45,000 ~ 46,000 Fame range.




78% of participating Raid Groups succeeded in clearing Hard Mode.


The Clear Rate of Hard Mode during the first week was 78%.

It took more than 30 minutes for the vast majority Raid Groups to clear Hard Mode, with 83% of groups taking over 25 minutes to clear. 



Three Dragons Clear Rate

40.3% of Raid Groups successfully cleared Hismar on their first entry.


During the first week, the number of Raid Groups that cleared Hismar on their first entry was the lowest at 40.3%. Fortunately, we can see that more recently, clear rates for both Hismar and Spirazzi have gone up, but remain at similar rates for Skasa.




The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Normal Mode Statistics

Fame Distribution

Most Normal Mode Raid Groups only had 1 character that had higher than 45,134 Fame.


The number of Raid Groups with higher Fame Adventurers (in this case 45,134- the minimum for entry to Hard Mode) significantly decreased. Most characters who met the fame requirement opted to participate in Hard Mode, leaving many Normal Mode groups lacking in participants of higher Fame.




Normal Mode clear rates lowered after the release of Hard Mode.


Consequently, the clear rates for Normal Mode decreased by around 15%. Clear times were up from the average 15-20 minutes to over 30 minutes, indicating that many Adventurers with lower Fame had trouble clearing without the support of higher Fame Adventurers.




Failed Raid Groups had a significantly harder time dealing with certain Boss Monsters.


We looked further and found that the death count of Raid Groups that failed were much higher than those that succeeded. The number of characters that died more than 5 times was at least two times higher for the Three Dragons as well as the Gatekeeper Boss Monsters.



Even in failed Raid Groups, Adventurers have a easier time when faced against Eclair, Steitze, and Swan.


Adventurers seem to have done better in Eclair, Steitze, and Swan as very few characters died more than 5 times up against them. But we can still see that in failed raid groups, party members are more prone to dying at least once than in raid groups that succeeded.




Upcoming Changes to The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Normal Mode on OCT 24

Through this information we were able to identify where Adventurers experienced the most difficulty. Moreover, clear rates for our Global Server proved to be lower than other servers. As we are aware that the hurdle for clearing raids is higher due to the global network issues, we will be making the following changes to Bakal Raid Hard Mode and Normal Mode in the upcoming October 24th update.


As per the results above, to alleviate difficulties for Adventurers challenging Bakal Raid Normal Mode, we will be implementing the following.


HP Reduction

The HP of the following monsters in The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Normal Mode will be reduced.


Along with the reduction that was implemented in September, this additional reduction will result in an almost 50% reduced HP from the original HP. We hope that this adjustment will help Adventurers with lower fame to overcome the difficulties that they faced with certain Boss Monsters.

  • Magic Dragon Basilisk
  • Nine-Tailed Blona
  • Gherda of the Ice
  • Wicked Dragon Nympha
  • Swan the Little Rascal
  • Steitze of Lightning
  • Eclair the Thunder


Fear no more! 



Commander Buffs

The number of Commander Buffs provided at the start of The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Normal Mode will be changed.





Noble Duty

Grants immunity to all Abnormal Status effects for 60 seconds.

0 2
Strategic Supply Immediately increases Life Token limit by 3. 0 2
Decisive Shot Increases damage of all party members by 20% for 30 sec. 0 2
Empyreans' Wishes Grants Invincibility for 10 seconds. 0 2
Secure Retreat Retreat immediately without any healing penalties. 1 2



Hopefully the addition of these Commander Buffs will aid users who need an extra hand and provide a smoother raid experience!




Upcoming Changes to The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Hard Mode on OCT 24

Auction Rewards

To ensure continued attendance of Hard Mode for more experienced Adventurers, additional merits will be granted to Hard Mode.

  • Auction Rewards available for clearing The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Hard Mode will be changed.
  • Added Auction Reward Items include the following:
    - Neo Premium Contract Plus (3, 5, 7 Days)
    - VIP Premium Contract Plus (3, 5, 7 Days)
    - Warped Dimension Cube [ Untradable ] Box (10)
  • The following rewards that diminish in value will be removed:
    - Warped Dimension Cube Fiery Breath [Untradable] Box (2)
    - Warped Dimension Cube Fiery Breath [Untradable] Box (3) 


** The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Hard Mode auction reward items are susceptible to change in the future.



Bakal's Believe it or Not Records!

There's one weekend left to participate in the 'Bakal's Believe it or Not Records!' event! We checked the results of the first week, and incredibly we already have 27 Raid Groups that succeeded in the "Clear Bakal Raid Hard Mode...with only one Character Advancement (Excluding Buffers)!" mission! Shall we take a look at the Character Advancements that succeeded?


We had 20 Traveler-based Hard Mode Raid Groups!





Dr. Oracle's Simulation Training Center

I was also pleasantly surprised by how well received the 'Dr. Oracle's Simulation Training Center' event was. Although we had initially announced that it was not a viable option to keep the  event features for an extended period of time, upon further discussion and development, I am happy to announce that we will indeed be able to keep the main features of the event!


Even after October 24th, Adventurers will be able to access the the Simulation Training Center through the following conditions:

  • The Simulation Training Center can be accessed through NPC Dr. Oracle located in Seria's Room.
  • Support items from NPC Landy can be purchased. The items will not have an expiration date.
  • Original event quests and missions related to the Simulation Training Center will be removed.


We hope less seasoned Adventurers and new Adventurers alike will find this helpful!


Landy and Dr. Oracle are here to stay!



Moving on from Raid content, I would like to announce additional special content we have planned.



Halloween Giveaway Event

As we promised earlier on this year, we've prepared an event that will give a chance to all Adventurers to win DFO Goods! By clearing missions such as Daily Login to clearing Bakal Raid Hard Mode, you can obtain raffle tickets that can be used to apply for the DFO Goods of your choice. If you had your eye on a certain item, you can increase your chances by entering multiple times for the same item.


We also wanted everybody walk away with something from the event, so we've prepared in-game gifts as well. You can exchange your raffle tickets to receive an all-new DJ Creature, as well as coveted items like the Aries Kelly Hat Avatar which was only given through guide creation events!


This is your chance to get a DFO Artbook!



Original DFO Stories: The Time to Smother the Flames has Come

Have you all had a chance to see the first part of the Original DFO Stories? Well, the second part of the series will be revealed on October 24th! Let's watch a quick recap of the first story to get ready for part 2!

P.S. We will be revealing additional dubbed content in November!
Can you guess what it will be? 




Plans for the Future

It seems that some Adventurers have been taking it slow since the end of the Summer events, and I know that many adventurers are keen to know our future plans for DFO. Here's what we have planned for the remainder of the year. 


As mentioned above, in the upcoming OCT 24 update we will be implementing changes to Bakal Raid Normal Mode and Hard Mode.
On NOV 10, I will be appearing in ExStream to provide detailed information on the NOV 21 Major Update that includes not only Codename: Gaebolg, but also Character Renewal & Balance, Convenience Updates, as well as a roadmap to our plans for the first quarter of 2024!

Special ExStream and Codename: Gaebolg incoming!



We're planning a bountiful Thanksgiving period full of special gifts as well as a Character Level-up event, so please make sure to tune in!




Last but not Least...

To express my gratitude for the love and support of our Adventurers, the following will be available through Seria's Shop after the upcoming October 24th update:

  • Item Option Complete Growth Ticket x 20
  • Warped Dimension Cube x 10


They'll only be available until November 21st, so make sure to grab them!





DFO Live Director Jong



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