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Scheduled Maintenance NOV 7, 2023


Nov 01, 2023 (UTC)

We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on NOV 7, 2023 (UTC).
Further details regarding the maintenance are listed below for your reference.


UTC (Universal Time Coordinated): NOV 7, 05:00 – NOV 7, 10:00
KST (Korean Standard Time): NOV 7, 14:00 – NOV 7, 19:00
PST (Pacific Standard Time): NOV 6, 21:00 – NOV 7, 02:00
EST (Eastern Standard Time): NOV 7, 00:00 – NOV 7, 05:00


< Contents & Events >
- A Starry Night
- Echoes of a Moment of Truth


< Sales >
- Dimension’s Constellation Package
- 2023 Black Friday Part 1
- DANJIN’s Pick of the Month
- DANJI Season 5 Finale


< Changes/Fixes >
- Certain Avatar Dyes in the CERA shop will be renamed.
- Fixed an issue where certain dungeon effects of the 7th Rare Avatar were not displayed.
- Fixed an issue where the avatar effect of Indra's Ornate Cape was not displayed.
- Fixed an issue where the DFO ExStream Special Aura's image was abnormally displayed.
- Fixed an issue where Rare Avatar set options were not applied when Hidden Rare Avatars with normal Rare Avatars(Clone Rare Avatars included) were combinedly used.
 List of the Hidden Rare Avatars
    - Elven Fairy Queen set
    - Elven Archwizard set
    - Dimension Master set
    - Snow Flower Fox set
    - Blazing Flame Wolf set
    - Butterfly King set
    - Butterfly Queen set
- Fixed some minor text issues.


* Rewards for the following events will be given out during the NOV 7 maintenance.
- NOV 3 DFO ExStream Rewards
- X (Twitter) Halloween Event
- Bakal's Believe it or not Records! Event


< Applications Remain Open >

- Share Your Expertise - DFO Adventurer's Character Guides (Link)



Thank you.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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