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Join the Arad Supporters Program! (Updated)


Apr 03, 2024 (UTC)


Greetings, Adventurers!


Arad Supporters is an official DFO community program aimed at fostering communication between experienced and newer Adventurers and to allow new adventurers to ease into both our game and community more smoothly. If you're interested in joining, please check out the following notice for details regarding application and requirements. We hope to see you in our program!


Our program can be joined by newcomers at any time!



Application Requirements

Field Qualifications
  • Account with only characters at 40,047 Fame or lower  (Bakal Raid – Normal entry fame)
  • Discord ID required

* Fame requirement is based on the highest attained Fame throughout a character's history.


Apply Now!

Join our Discord Server at any time, then check out the #welcome and #apply-here channels to join the program!

Please take note of the following procedure for joining.

  1. Please read our server's #⁠general-rules.
  2. Go to the #⁠newbies-apply-here channel.
  3. Post a screenshot of your Character Selection Screen (Fame and Character Names must be visible!)
  4. Your role will be updated to @Newbie within 24 hours! (Role will not be updated immediately)
  5. After being given the @Newbie role, you will be able access the ⁠general-chat and ⁠newbie-graduation channels to participate in the program.



Program Platform



* Discord ID is required to participate in this program.



Required Activity

Field Activity
  • Cooperating with Mentors (whether it be in communication with each other or in dungeons)
  • Active participation and progress in growing characters





#1. Arad Newbie Graduation Gift Box

  • This reward box will be available for Newbies that successfully clear Bakal Raid – Hard Mode
  • Rewards will be sent on a biweekly basis to Newbies that verify their clear of Bakal Raid - Hard Mode.
  • This reward can only be obtained 1 time per account.
Icon Contents Description

Arad Newbie Graduation Gift Box

Arad Preschooler
Avatar Box (Look)

Contains a Arad Preschooler Avatar (Look) set.

Obtained Avatars are permanent, and cannot be traded/sundered/combined/dyed.



Arad Friends, Roll Out! Creature Box

Contains an Arad Friends, Roll Out! Creature. Creature is given as untradable and permanent.

Dragon Conflagration x88

Energy breathed by the King of Dragons.

* Main Use
- To create Bakal Fusion weapons
- To change Bakal Fusion weapon options
- To buy Lv. 105 Custom Option Epics

* Main Use NPCs
- Mystical Grimoire

* Main Sources
- The Machine Revolution: total War
- The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid

Warped Dimension Cube - Fiery Breath x2

The powerful aura of fire trapped in the cube seems capable of transforming the Fiery Breath option of the Bakal Fusion Weapon.

When used on the Bakal Fusion Weapon with the granted Fiery Breath option, conversion of the Fiery Breath option is possible.

- Converts only the "Fiery Breath" option
- Costs 1 "Warped Dimension Cube - Fiery Breath" upon option conversion.
- 1 type of "Fiery Breath" option will appear with equal probability upon option conversion.
- Selection between the before and after conversion options is possible.
- After each conversion attempt, the exclusion count for unwanted options increases by 1 (up to a maximum of 77 exclusions).

Superconductor Energy Core x5

An essential energy core that stores energy to power Gaebolg's main systems. It provides the energy that Gaebolg uses to move itself.

* Main Use
- Insignia/Gem upgrade
* Insignias and Gems can be upgraded in the Explorer Club - Insignia tab.

* Main Use NPCs
- Mystical Grimiore
- Meister Curio

* Codename: Gaebolg channel

* Main Source
- Codename: Gaebolg Lv. 3 or higher

Energy Core x800

One of the many energy cores that store energy to power Gaebolg's subsystems.

* Main Use
- Insignia/Gem upgrade
* Insignias and Gems can be upgraded in the Explorer Club - Insignia tab.

* Main Use NPCs
- Mystical Grimiore
- Meister Curio
* Codename: Gaebolg channel

* Main Sources
- Codename: Gaebolg

White Ocean Advanced Dungeon Ticket x4

A ticket used to enter the White Ocean Advanced dungeons.

1 ticket is consumed upon entering the map, allowing entry for 1 character only.

*Available Dungeons
- Solidaris
- White Cloud Valley

Mediator of Balance Ticket x30

A ticket used to enter the Mediator of Balance dungeon.

1 ticket is consumed upon entering the map, allowing entry for 1 character only.

* Available Dungeons
- Mediator of Balance

This ticket is consumed before other entry materials in the inventory.

Warped Dimension Cube x30

The dimensional power contained within this cube can be used to change Epic Equipment options. If you have Untradable, Account-bound, and Event items in your inventory, the Mist Gear Equipment Conversion system will use them in the order of Event > Untradable > Account-bound, and they can be used together.

Can also be used to change Custom Epic Equipment options.
- Changes all the 4 options at once.
- Option levels not affected.
- Can't be used on equipment with transferred options.

Target Equipment
- Ent Spirit
- Blue Beryl
- Forest Witch
- Deep Diver
- Blue Pirate



#2. Arad Newbie Support Box

  • Newbies can obtain this item from Mentors through participation in the Arad Supporters program.
  • This box and some of its content will be deleted every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC.
Icon Contents Description

Arad Newbie Support Box

Master Contract Package (3 Days)

Contains a 3-day supply of Tactician's Contract, Conqueror's Contract, Growth Contract and Cube Contract.

Fatigue 30 Recovery Potion

Restores 30 Fatigue Points.

(Can be used once a day. Does not share cooldown with other Fatigue Fatigue Recovery Potions.)

Remy's Sparkling Touch x 10

Restores 30% of HP.
Restores 30% of MP.

Cures all harmful status effects at all character levels.

Life Token x 2

Increases your Life Token by 1.

Life Tokens are use to resurrect your character in dungeons. To use a Token, press the attack key.

(Default Key: X)


We look forward to meeting and helping our Newbie Adventurers!



Thank you.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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